April 23, 2015

Share Your Style Link Party #10

Hello and welcome to the 10th Share Your Style link party!!
(Can you believe 10 parties already???)

Well spring has certainly sprung in these parts. All of a sudden the grass is green, the trees have pretty shades of light green on them, and here the great northeast cherry blossoms are in full BLOOM! 
I love this time of the year!

Now it is on to this week's SYS party and our hostess with the mostest Debra, who has also selected some fabulous features to share. 
Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful day!



Hi Everyone, it's Debra from Common Ground
I'm your host this week and I'm so happy you're here
 to join in for the fun and inspiration!

Remember, when you link up on one blog,
you are seen on Eight!

I've been busy unpacking boxes from storage this last few weeks. After moving last November, we're still working to get all the boxes over to our house and unloaded. I've been finding a few Small Treasures I'd almost forgotten, and we were able to get our outdoor furniture and goodies in place. I'll be putting together my Potting Bench soon, hopefully. I'd love you to come by Common Ground for a visit!

There are so many great inspirational projects and fresh fun decor going on this time of year. Your Spring posts are just brimming with great ideas and beautiful spaces. Here are a few I loved this last week.

shared an old screen door re-do.

A great tutorial on
How to Make Fern Art from Amy at

 A Closet Built-In Industrial Desk for her son by
 Doreen at Hymns and Verses

Deserae is Embracing Spring with some Buffalo Checked Pillows

and a yummy temptation...
Key Lime Margarita Cupcakes 
from Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is

Thanks gals for sharing your wonderful posts last week!

Please have a link within your blog post
 to the blog where you party.

Thanks for joining in this week,
Let's get to it!!

April 21, 2015

Presidential Home ~ Mount Vernon

While visiting Washington DC with the kids during spring break, we took a quick jaunt over to the plantation estate of George Washington, Mt. Vernon.

The estate sits on the banks of the Potomac River in Fairfax Virginia.

Mt Vernon was a family owned estate of which Washington acquired possession in 1754. He didn't become sole owner of the property until 1761.

As you can see the cupola is being refurbished. The cupola itself is topped off with a weathervane in the shape of a dove bearing an olive branch.

The Servants Hall lies adjacent to the left of the Bowling Green side of the mansion.

To the right of the mansion is the kitchen.

Beautiful arched walkways connect the two outer buildings to the mansion.

The dung repository in the background is located near the stable.

The gardens of Mt. Vernon.

Shortly after his death on December 14, 1799, George Washington's body was laid to rest in the Old Tomb at Mt. Vernon.

The new tomb was opened in 1831, two marble sarcophagus's are housed by this vault. The final resting place for both George and Martha Washington.

The sheep paddock near the stables.

After Washington's death the plantation passed through a series of relatives who were unable for one reason or another, to maintain the property. In 1858 the Mount Vernon Ladies Association acquired the plantation and part of the property thus rescuing it from neglect and disrepair. During the civil war the estate served as neutral ground for both the North and the South.


April 18, 2015

Mirror Mirror on the Guest Bedroom Wall

A couple months ago I was shopping in the Christmas Tree Shop and came across this pretty iron scrolled mirror. It was fairly heavy and even though I was in the Christmas Tree Shop where things are usually pretty reasonable, I was thinking that this may be a wee bit more than most of their regular items.

Then I looked at the back to check out the price and much to my surprise there it was, only $29.99.


Not really having a plan as to where to put it, I left it in the guest bedroom for safe keeping.

A few days later I went back to the bedroom to get the mirror so to try it in another room, when it struck me that the mirror with its greenish patina, would be perfect right where it is, in the guest bedroom. I began to play with it a little and finally decided the best spot for it was between the twin beds where I originally had a much smaller mirror. Now all I need to find is a nightstand that is a little wider so it compliments the width of the mirror.

The new mirror immediately brightened up the wall and the entire room. Now I am kind of kicking myself that I didn't pick up a second mirror because when my sister Kim saw it hanging in the guest bedroom, well she just flipped for it.  

Keeping my fingers crossed that I find another one like this or something similar for my sweet sista!


April 17, 2015

Tips on Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet ~ The Medicine Cabinet Clean-Out Challenge

Yup, embarrassed to admit it but the photo above is truly our medicine cabinet! I know I know, it is pretty darn scary. So when I received an email from the The American Recall Center asking me if I was interested in participating in the Medicine Cabinet Clean-Out Challenge, I decided to own up to my miserable looking cabinet of meds, and take them up on their offer.

 As you may already know I am also a registered nurse, and if I can have a medicine cabinet that looks like this, I am sure I am not alone So along with the questions The American Recall Center posed for me to think about while in the process of cleaning out this abominable mess, I also did a little of my own research for this post.

OK let's start with some important questions.

#1...Where is your medicine cabinet? Cabinets containing meds should be in a secure place out of the reach of children, and in a temperature controlled environment. Meds exposed to light and moisture can become damaged, so it is best to keep medications in a dresser drawer or where I keep our meds, in a kitchen cabinet away from the stove, instead of in your bathroom cabinet.

#2...How do you monitor your meds? Do you check to see if the the number of tablets or pills you took plus the amount left in the bottle, adds up to the original number of meds dispensed by your pharmacist? I can honestly say that I don't adopt this practice for the everyday OTC (over-the-counter) medications in my cabinet. However if I was prescribed any type narcotic, sedative, or sleep-aid, I would definitely make sure to keep a strict count. This is especially true with teens in the home as the risk of teen substance abuse is on the rise.

#3...Have you checked expiration dates on meds? This may sound like a no-brainer but meds have dates to be used by and if they are taken after the expired date there is a good chance you are taking them for not. Once past the date of expiration many medications will start to lose their potency, therefore they are not going to work the way they should. Certain items such as Epi-Pens SHOULD NEVER be used after the expiration date. The drug epinephrine loses it potency after a period of time, and if one is in an emergency of anaphylaxis a less then optimal potency may result in a dangerous health threat. In addition certain eye drops which contain preservatives have expiration dates as well. This is because the preservatives help to keep the drops sterile. After expiration the drops may begin to grow bacteria which you do not want to drop into your eyes.

Now I have now gone through my kitchen medicine cabinet, and boy oh boy was I ever surprised at the amount of expired medications we were hoarding. 

I am mortified to say that some of these meds expired as long ago as 2007!

OK...so now what to do with all of these old medications?

Well for starters you can check out your city or county government's household trash and recycling service to see if there is a medication take-back program in your community. You can also check with your pharmacist to see if he or she knows of any medicine disposal programs in your area. Another option is to visit the US Drug Enforcement Administration's website for more information on 

I did check and the closest drug disposal program near me is about 30 miles away. So what do you do in a case like mine? Well there are ways to safely dispose of unwanted medications at home. According to the FDA you can follow these guidelines for safe disposal.
Disposal in Household Trash
If no medicine take-back program is available in your area, you can also follow these simple steps to dispose of most medicines in the household trash:1
  • Mix medicines (do NOT crush tablets or capsules) with an unpalatable substance such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds;
  • Place the mixture in a container such as a sealed plastic bag; and
  • Throw the container in your household trash.
  • Before throwing out your empty pill bottle or other empty medicine packaging, remember to scratch out all information on the prescription label to make it unreadable.

You are now ready to organize your cabinet!!!

No silly not that cabinet!!!
Your medicine cabinet!!!

The best way to organize your meds is to physically separate them out using some sort of containers. I found little wood crates at my local Walmart for about $4 each, and then brightened them up with a little spray paint. But you can use baskets or see through plastic containers as well. If you are not using see through containers it is a great idea to label the outside of each container.

Step one:
Wipe down the bottles and the cabinet which they are being stored, of any sticky residue.

Step two: 
Group together OTC meds by what they are used for. For example, keep your allergy and sinus medications in one basket or container, and tummy meds and the like in another.

Step three:
Organize meds according to usage. This is so the meds you use most often are together for easy access.

Step four:
Keep prescription meds and anything else that might temp your kiddies on a higher shelf, out of easy view and reach.

So here is my streamlined medicine cabinet!

Now that is quite a big difference don't you think?

I also like to have an easy to read dosing chart handy. I created an ibuprofen dosing chart for you to copy and print out so you can tape it to the inside of your medicine cabinet for quick reference. 
(It is already sized to 5 X 7)

Just as an FYI...to treat children with fever it is safe to alternate ibuprofen with acetaminophen (Tylenol) every 3 hours. 

I can't tell you how happy I am to be rid of all of those expired meds taking up space in my kitchen cabinet. Now I can quickly access any medication I need without having to weed through a bevy of old meds and vitamins. I also made a quick trip to the drugstore to replace a few kiddie medications which had expired

I hope this inspires you to 


And have a great weekend!!!


To learn more about The American Recall Center you can go to their website.

April 16, 2015

Share Your Style #9

Welcome to the  Share Your Style  party! 

Hi everyone!  I am Sherry and I write the blog  No Minimalist Here.   It's so exciting to be hosting this week and I truly appreciate you visiting.

My husband and I bought a house nine months ago and I have been busy trying to make it our home.  Our most recent project was removing a wall and adding new wood floors.  Decorating the new dining room is what we are working on now.   I hope you will drop by and see our progress so far.


Features from last weeks party.
It's always hard to choose just a few features each week because ya'll are such a talented bunch.  I hope you enjoy my selections from last week.

Rita at May Days shared her beautiful blue and white Spring tablescape.  Did you notice the creative use of fence pickets?

Liz and her husband built this wonderful pergola and landscaped their yard beautifully.  Visit Home To Cottage to see more.

I love Beignets and whenever we visit New Orleans CafĂ© de Monde is my first stop for these little pastries.  The Painted Apron shared this fabulous recipe at last week's party.

I admit I have potting shed envy every time I visit Mary at Home Is Where The Boat Is.   How beautiful is this Spring vignette?

If you were featured this week please grab our Feature Button.
I look forward to seeing what you share this week and I hope you will visit me at my blog No Minimalist Here , Instagram  and  Pinterest.
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