From Shabby to Shabby Chic!

I love the Shabby Chic look but to be honest, I would not want it in every room in my house. So I decided what better place to be able to play with this style than in my daughter Grace's room! I started with this old dresser that my parents purchased when they got married in 1956. I'd say this piece owes us nothing!


And transformed it into this...


The first step was to sand the whole thing down and then I painted the body white. I removed the old dated drawer pulls, filled in the holes with some wood putty and sanded again. Then I painted the drawers a pale pink color. I wanted to put two glass handles on each of the larger drawers so I had to drill, yes I used a power tool and drilled the new holes in for the new handles!

The next step was to put on a glaze with a touch of color in it. A tiny bit of the color from my living room is what I added to the glaze. After the piece was completely dry, I sanded down the areas that would normally wear to give it a naturally distressed look.

 I also happen to have one of the old matching nightstands!!

And that was it!!! The best part about shabby chic is that the more the furniture wears, the better it looks!

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Master Bedroom Redesign

My sister's master bedroom has been arranged the same way since she moved into her beautiful two story colonial in 1998. She was ready for a change so she called on me for some help. By the time I got to her house she had already emptied the room of everything but the furniture and here is what it looked like for the pre-redesign photos.

The bed was placed in the small wall next to the door to the room, not leaving any space between the two so it felt tight to me, and that poor nightstand was lost in that corner.

The dresser was placed on the longest wall in the room, so it was made to look insignificant in the vastness of the space. Also the wall and carpet colors are so close that it makes the room look even larger.

Pretty stark right?

Well this is what was done to give Kim's room some coziness and life.

The first thing was to move the bed to the opposite wall, this space is better suited for the substantial 4 poster bed. It also creates an obvious focal point in this room. I placed an area carpet in front of the bed to break up the light color carpet and add a little interest. The green pillow already on the bed was a great jumping off point to add more green to the room in the way of both plants and artwork.

Then the dresser was moved to the wall where the bed use to be. I brought in the cheval mirror Kim had in another bedroom and placed in on an angle with a faux tree positioned behind it. The tree camouflages the back of the mirror and adds color and interest to the room.

Lighting was also added to the surface of the dresser along with a few of Kim's favorite pictures and decorative items.

If you notice the lighting is tacked around the room in a triangular arrangement, this will equally disperse the illumination in the room.
(This is also true for the placement of the greenery.)

And artwork was added to the walls to give the room even more color. By the way all the artwork in this room were garage and yard sale finds!

Now this space feels cozy, is well laid out and really showcases Kim's beautiful furniture. Kim says that it's like she's in a completely different room in her home, filled with all of her favorite things!


Fall Harvest - Bringing it All Inside!

I think one of the reasons why I love the Autumn so much is because there is a bit of nostalgia that goes with it. As a child I always felt that it was a time of new beginings...the start of school, the dramatic changing of the season, new friendships... maybe even a few new clothes to start off the school year. 

Autumn to me is a time of a warm and cozy homecoming...and the colors....wow the colors are simply fabulous! So with all that being said, I do look forward to redecorating for the Fall, to bring the harvest colors indoors so that my family and I can feel the full experience of the wonderful season of Autumn!


Teacup Fascination...My Teacup Collection

I fell in love with the idea of collecting old teacups years ago when I attended a dear friend's bridal shower. A long time friend of the bride's family gave the bride part of her own teacup collection she had started when she was a young women. This family friend had known the bride for many years, since the bride was a little girl, so she chose to give a gift which held great sentiment.

As the bride opened up the gift bag, pulling out each set of carefully wrapped cups and saucers, the ohhhs and ahhhs from the onlookers became more and more excited. After the bride had unwrapped all 6 sets and placed them in a row on the table in front of her, applause erupted and there were tears in the eyes of everyone present. This gift came from the heart and had profound meaning. This gift was far more precious than anything purchased from a department store. This women wanted the bride to have part of something she treasured very deeply. This gift simply said..."I love you."

This first teacup was my grandmother's...my mom gave it to me when I decided to start my own collection.

The teacup on the top in the above picture was one of the six in the collection my friend received the day of her bridal shower...she gave it to me on my wedding day!

The cup and saucer with the clovers was given to me by yet another dear friend. It was once part of her own mother's collection and she bestowed it upon me because she knew how much I love teacups and collecting them.

And my newest addition...


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