Happy Easter !!!

Wishing you all a most blessed Easter day!


All You Need is a Spoon ~ No-Bake Cakes in a Jar

Have you the recent  Women's Day magazine?  These were featured on the cover of April's issue and when I saw it I thought what a perfect Easter dessert idea for the kiddies. This is one recipe with a few variations to switch up the combo. This dessert is so easy and no mess...all the kiddies need is to open the jar, grab a spoon and enjoy!

To make the basic batter all you need is...

1 8 oz pkg. cream cheese at room temp.
3 T. sugar
1 cup heavy cream
1 T fresh lemon juice

For the strawberry cheesecake you will need...

1 cup of crushed graham crackers
10 oz. of fresh strawberries, pieces and slices 
1/2 c strawberry jam
4-5 8 oz. jelly jars

For the chocolate hazelnut cake...

 Omit the lemon juice in the batter recipe and add 1/2 cup of hazelnut spread like Nutella. 

Then use.. 
brownies, broken up
whipped cream 
and miniature chocolate morsels
5-6 8 oz. jelly jars

For the lemon blueberry pound cake use...

Lemon pudding instead of the batter recipe 
pound cake, cut up
whipped cream
4 8 oz jelly jars

To make the basic batter...
In a large beat the cream cheese with the sugar. Gradually add the cream, the whole mixture sure begin to thicken after about two minutes of high speed beating. Add either the lemon juice or Nutella.

In the empty jars add 2 T. of the crushed graham crackers or broken up brownie. If making the lemon blueberry cake start with the lemon pudding. Next add a full tablespoon of the cream cheese mixture and top it off with some of the fresh strawberries and the jam, or for the hazelnut cake add more brownie. For the lemon pound cake layer the pound cake and blueberries on top of the pudding, Repeat in all cakes with one more layer of cream or pudding on the top. Refrigerate with the jar lid screwed on for at least 2 hours before serving. Place a few strawberry slices, whipped cream, miniature morsels, or blueberries to finish off the top.

Happy Saturday!!!


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Freshened Up Kitchen Table and Chairs

For the spring I decided to recover my kitchen chairs as the material on them previously had taken quite a beating, most especially the kids chairs. And you know me...if I am going to change one thing I usually have to take it one step further and change everything!

At the beginning of last fall my table and chairs looked like this...

Then I stripped and re-stained the table top about mid-fall. It looked a little better but I knew I was going to be changing the material on the seat cushions in the not to distant future, if not for any other reason than to match them better to my new buffalo check curtains.

So with a little chalk paint, a Minwax protective coat, and some remnent fabric I bought at a local fabric and upholstery store, my dinette set went from this...

To this...

Remember my little purchase from yesterday???

How does it look filled with flowers?
Click here to see what my container it really is!!

I hope your day is filled with beauty!!!
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Mama Went a Thrift'n

This past Saturday, while I was in this little consignment shop, the Gristmill Emporium, I found these two sweet wooden swans. Well for some reason I only bought one, the smaller one, and I spent the rest of the weekend kicking myself for not buying both. I'm sure you know that feeling. 
So I kept my fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I have two of crossed, that come today when the store reopened, I could run back and buy my little swan's big brother.

The store opened its doors at 11 am, and I was in the parking lot by 11:10. I got out of my car and as I walked toward the building this beautiful blue colored vase, which was sitting on an outside display, immediately caught my eye.

I quickly picked it up to investigate, but when I looked inside I realized that my beautiful vase was not a vase at all. It had a soap dish in it. My lovely blue vase is actually a bathroom trash can! But you know what, I didn't care. A vision is a vision, and all I knew was that I could definitely see it filled with a huge bouquet of spring flowers sitting on my Easter table! 

 With the "vase" under my arm I made my way inside the shop, and there he was, the second swan, right on the floor where he had been on Saturday. I grabbed him and paid the sweet little lady at the register for both my new "vase" and wood swan.

Now not only have the two swans been reunited but I am also the proud owner of a beautiful new "vase", and this makes mama one very happy lady!!!

Wishing you a blessed Easter week!
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Being Featured Today Over at Savvy Southern Style

I am so thrilled today as my home tour is being featured over at the wonderful blog Savvy Southern Style as one of the top three most viewed links from last week's linky party!! 

The count...well 794 of Savvy Southern Style's readers took the tour of 21 Rosemary Lane!

Thank you so much to SSS's talented author Kim for sharing my post and for hosting her weekly party!

If you are not familiar with Kim's Wow Us Wednesday party you can check it out tonight as Kim's party goes live every Tuesday evening. Just click here to see her beautiful blog.

Have a great day all!


R U a No-Reply Blogger? How to Change Your No-Reply Status

I have received so many lovely comments from many different bloggers over the last couple years of my blogging and I really do try to respond with at least a thank you to most of the notes I've received. But I have to tell you how heart breaking it is for me when I receive a beautiful comment on a blog post via my email, and then I see this next to the author's name...noreply-comment@blogger.com which means they have a "no-reply" status on their blog. Sadly, I am unable to respond to their comment because if I do my note will end up in cyberspace somewhere. Are you one of the many bloggers out there who may not even know you are a no-reply blogger?

Let me give you the quick tutorial on how you can change your status in Blogger. 

First you need to go to your dashboard page. You know it...it looks like this.

Next go to the upper right corner of the page and click on the arrow adjacent to your name.

A box will open and it will look like this. Click Blogger profile and this page will open up for you.

Your profile page will open and again go to the upper right hand corner and click on the "Edit Profile" button. 

This is what will open up for you. This is where you can edit your profile.  

If the "show email" box is un-clicked then you are a "No-Reply " blogger. So if you want to change your status it must have a check in it.

Next scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Click on the "Save Profile" button.

And that's it...you're done! Now when you leave a comment on someone's blog the email generated will be sent to them with your email address included for an easy reply. 

Personally I have found this not only to be a valuable way of staying connected to other bloggers, but unbelievably instrumental in helping to foster new friendships.

I truly hope this is of some help to you my fellow bloggers and to a few of my followers of whom I would love to get to know much better.



A Sweet and Salty Easter Treat ~ Bunny Bait

Trying to catch the Easter bunny this year? Maybe this fun Easter treat I found over at the cute little blog Sing for Your Supper will be the right bait.  It is a take on one of my favorite treats known as White Trash, only this version uses the Easter M&Ms.

All you need is... 
one bag of popped corn
one 12.60 oz bag of Easter M&Ms
pretzel sticks broken into thirds
one 12 oz bag of white chocolate
some colored sprinkles

Toss your popcorn, M&Ms and pretzel sticks in a large bowl. (Make sure you remove any un-popped kernels.) Heat the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second increments, stirring the chocolate in between. Continue until chocolate is melted and then with a rubber scraper, mix the chocolate into the popcorn mixture. Toss until well coated and then spread onto a jelly roll pan covered with wax paper, sprinkle on the sprinkles and let cool. Break it up into smaller pieces and enjoy.

But you better watch out because you just may end up catching something else other than the Easter bunny!

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Natural and Textured Easter Mantel

This year I decided to go natural with my mantel display as I really wanted a woodland vibe. Nature is filled with texture so I added tons and tons of texture along with somewhat of an avian theme!!!

I used two wreaths, one grapevine and the other is a darling egg wreath I picked up a few years ago. I just bound them together using the wire from the egg wreath. The accent wicker balls or orbs were only $1.29 each and the silver compote, $14.99...both were purchased from the Christmas Tree Shop. The compote adds a little bling don't you think, to the otherwise neutral display. 

Two of my new rush place mats are placed adjacent to the wreath...the texture adds interest to the back drop. (It also makes it much easier for photographing as well!) The faux spring greens look like garland and add color and texture to the display.

The two little chippy chicks are a recent purchase from Home Goods. Gosh I love that store!!!

I removed the fire screen since we won't be burning any wood as the weather warms up, and tucked some vintage suitcases inside the fireplace opening.

I only have a few more things to do to complete my spring decorating. How about you...what do you do to prepare for the warmer season ahead?

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Speckled Easter Eggs

This couldn't be easier!! I found this cute idea for decorating eggs over at the blog Homework Creations.

All you need are your dyed eggs and a metallic Sharpie or pencil painter. I found both at Walmart.

And then just speckle your eggs!

So easy and so cute...just the way I like it!!!


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