Mama Went a Thrift'n

This past Saturday, while I was in this little consignment shop, the Gristmill Emporium, I found these two sweet wooden swans. Well for some reason I only bought one, the smaller one, and I spent the rest of the weekend kicking myself for not buying both. I'm sure you know that feeling. 
So I kept my fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I have two of crossed, that come today when the store reopened, I could run back and buy my little swan's big brother.

The store opened its doors at 11 am, and I was in the parking lot by 11:10. I got out of my car and as I walked toward the building this beautiful blue colored vase, which was sitting on an outside display, immediately caught my eye.

I quickly picked it up to investigate, but when I looked inside I realized that my beautiful vase was not a vase at all. It had a soap dish in it. My lovely blue vase is actually a bathroom trash can! But you know what, I didn't care. A vision is a vision, and all I knew was that I could definitely see it filled with a huge bouquet of spring flowers sitting on my Easter table! 

 With the "vase" under my arm I made my way inside the shop, and there he was, the second swan, right on the floor where he had been on Saturday. I grabbed him and paid the sweet little lady at the register for both my new "vase" and wood swan.

Now not only have the two swans been reunited but I am also the proud owner of a beautiful new "vase", and this makes mama one very happy lady!!!

Wishing you a blessed Easter week!
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  1. Great finds Barbara...they make a beautiful vignette!!

  2. Hahahaha.... Hey, one lady's trash can is another lady's vase, right? It does make a luvly one at that.
    Sigh... the swans. How beautiful are they? I too would not have gotten them both and would have had a frantic weekend waiting for the store to open so I could remedy my wrong. Glad they are reunited.
    Cheers, Gee

  3. I want to go thrifting with you. You obviously find the most amazing pieces.

  4. I love days like this! You will find lots of uses for those swans, I have one and I tie a different ribbon around it's neck for each holiday. I know, I'm weird!


  5. Your swans are so sweet and my gosh could be used for most any holiday...so many vignettes for some great photos...love them..

  6. Oh- and Mama's thrifting went very good- very very good. Love it and love those swans!!! xo Diana

  7. You wanna hear something funny? Right now I am using an Ikea vase as a trashcan in my office LOL! It's not what it is, it's what it can be right?? I love the color of your new vase and your swans are meant to stay together for sure!

  8. What a beautiful "vase"! Too pretty to use as a trash can, that's for sure! Love that you were able to reunite the swans too! They do mate for life so maybe you have Mr and Mrs Swan! Have a Happy Easter! Hugs, Leena

  9. Well Mama you did good. I am so glad that you went back and got the other swan. I felt that he was missing his sister.
    I love the blue vase it works perfectly for your Easter table.
    You have a wonderful family and you are blessed!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Very nice! I can't wait for our thrift shops to open come spring!!
    Love the white swans..... Happy Easter!

  11. I do that all the time, leave something behind and totally obsess about it until I can get back (I don't drive) to see if it's still there. I have been fairly lucky sometimes it's there, others not...this week I found a better item than the one I obsessed about all weekend, so it worked out even better! I think it's something in a real thrifter's blood! Love your beautiful swans, they are so sweet and truly belong together!

  12. What great finds! Love the swans(glad you went back to get him) and the "vase"!

  13. Your thrifting went very very well.....I love that blue "can" vase.....The swans are a great find too!!


  14. They are sweet, and the two of them belong together! ~di @ Musings

  15. Great finds. Love the re-purposed trash can, it's too pretty to be used for that anyway! The color is gorgeous. The swans look perfect together.
    Happy Easter!

  16. Looks great! I have a similar swan. He lives at the lake house. I might need to bring him here for a while. Love the color of your pretty 'vase'!

  17. Hmmm . . . MAYbe the vase's previous owner had misused the VASE as a trashcan . . . ever think of THAT ???


  18. Hi Barbara. I'm glad you were able to get the other swan, you know that they mate for life so that would have been one unhappy swan on your table. Isn't if fun when you pick up something that isn't what you thought it would be but turns into it anyway?!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  19. What great finds, I love the idea of using the "trash can" for a vase...it looks beautiful! I would love for you to link up at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase.

    Just follow the link....http://sew-licious.blogspot.com/2013/04/show-licious-craft-showcase-26.html.

    AND at my THRIFT STORE BARGAINS LINK UP PARTY.....http://sew-licious.blogspot.com/2013/03/thrift-store-bargains_26.html


  20. The swans are lovely and I really like the blue of the "vase".

  21. So glad that big brother was still there. Love the swans and the vase is the perfect shade of blue! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Just discovered your blog...Will be back again I'm sure! I have that same "vase" but it holds the toilet plunger, hehee!!
    Blessings~ LillySue


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