Old Cedar Blanket Chest

This is my first real project from the yard sale finds of 10 days ago. I started on this old cedar chest and boy is it in bad disrepair...can't believe I shelled out $10 for it! But I know once it is all finished it will be beautiful!!!

And talk about old...I removed the old hinges and took them to a local hardware store thinking I could easily replace them. The guy there just shook his head and said that they are REALLY old and referred me to a place about 20 miles away to see if I could find replacements there. I'm not so sure I'll do that, I think I'll just put the old ones back on and make do with them.

In the meantime I started to strip the top using the Klean Strip spray...this stuff is so good and the piece is so old that it actually loosened the veneer top so I ended up pulling the whole thing off. Unfortunately I used the end of a can from my last project so I had to resort back to the gel stripper...not pretty!

The top of the chest is made of two different colored wood, so this is going to have to be painted.

After getting the veneer off I sanded down the whole top. Next I tipped the thing on its side to start working on it there. Not sure if the sides are veneered or just covered in several layers of old paint although I am suspicious that the front is veneered so I plan to just do a light sanding there and calk where needed. The bottom piece has to be solid wood so out will come the Klean Strip for removing the paint on the rounded surfaces and intricate grooves. I really hate stripper but this stuff sprays on so you are not dealing with all the glop ping of the conventional strippers and it works in only 15 minutes.

Anyone ever heard of this furniture company?
Looks like ER Co., Forest Park Lin


Places near our Home...

Someday I plan to paint one or two of these places!


Looking for a Weekend Project - Painted Concrete Floor

With the holiday weekend fast approaching you may want start thinking about a quick weekend project for an old tired concrete surface. I had originally painted my back porch floor in 2006, however I had chosen a light color which ended up not working very well for me with regard to keeping it clean. The constant mud and dirt coming up onto the porch from kids, dogs and husband, was enough to drive me nuts. So this year I decided to repaint it only this time I was going to out smart the whole lot of them by painting it a darker color.

The first time I painted the floor the paint was literally sucked up by the concrete, so I had to put down 3 coats. This time I did not have that problem. I went ahead and repainted the porch in the leftover color I had from when I originally painted it. The porch paint is from Home Depot and the color is called "Gathering Place". Then I taped off my space using regular old masking tape. I measured in 12 inch increments. (Above photo) 

Using a natural sponge and some paint on a paper plate, I dabbed on and blended together a dark brown and battleship grey porch paint purchased from Walmart. The Walmart paint is about half of the price as the Home Depot version, but since this floor is protected by a roof and trees, I was able to get away with using the lesser quality paint. If your porch is exposed I would recommend using the better grade paint.

I let it dry over night and then I pulled off the masking tape to reveal my new porch floor.

The darker paint definitely helps to camouflage any dirt brought up onto the porch. All I do is either vacuum or broom sweep to keep the floor clean. The paint actually protects the floor from stains which would occur whenever food or drink was dropped onto the bare concrete.

And I love it!!!
One more tip...if your concrete is porous as mine is, you will have no problems with the paint adhering and staying on the surface. However if you have a smooth concrete surface, you may want to use a sealer to keep the paint from peeling off during heavy use.

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More of 21 Rosemary's Flora

I came home after being away for 3 days and this is what I found blooming in my backyard!


Our Backyard...in June

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."
-- L. M. Montgomery


Freebie on the Side of the Road...

While out driving around looking for garage sales this past Saturday, I found this serving cart on the front lawn of someone's home with a "Free" sign on it. The shape is pretty cool and the fact that is has glass shelves makes the cart seem less heavy so I can place it anywhere on my back porch.

All I did was sand down the spots where it had occasional rust, then I wiped the whole thing down and let it dry completely before spray painting it black.

So now I have a new bar area for cocktail parties on the patio! And the best part is that since it was a freebie the only cost to me was less than the price of one can of RustOleum spray paint.

Hey and how does my sale Walmart plastic ware look on the newly painted serving cart?

Love it!!


On Father's Day

"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart."      
~ Unknown Author


Garage Sale Haul for June 18th 2011

Today my sister and I hit the garage sales up in my neck of the woods. This was Kim's first experience outside of her regular stomping grounds, and I think we made out pretty well!

Take a look at our haul for today...

The total spent was $105.00...not bad for one morning's work. Now I have to get to the dirty task of cleaning, stripping and finally painting and refinishing.

Thanks Kim...had a blast...are you ready for next weekend?

                                       ~ Barbara


Repurposing Things...

Sometimes you just need to see beyond what items are meant for and find new uses for them. My sister found this piece last summer at a garage sale, she paid only $5.00 for it. The piece is actually a wood cased cooler. I sanded it down and painted it a fun color for my back porch. I thought it would be great for parties, but the first time I used it I couldn't move it to drain the water from the melted ice. So from that point on I decided to use it as storage for pool towels and that was a perfect fit for the piece. Grace and Michael can simply grab a towel out of it as they head for a swim. It also doubles as an extra surface for placing drinks!


southern hospitality

Transformation Thursday


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