Using Clay Pots in Wire Planters as an Inexpensive Alternative to Coco Fiber Liners

I love window boxes...who doesn't? And as far as I am concerned geraniums are the classic flower to find in any kitchen window box. Earlier this year I had pretty pansies in a rather drab box...but I wasn't to worried about the way the box looked...I just wanted to see my flowers while standing at my kitchen sink. But as the season went on the pansies became rather leggy and just were not holding up to the strong afternoon sun of these early summer days...so they had to go!

Enter some pretty pink geraniums.
(This particular variety is called Pink Sizzle)

I decided to replace the weathered and faded plastic boxes (yes plastic boxes, hanging my head in complete shame) with a couple of wire planters which required the coco fiber liner. While I do love the look I did have a pretty unfortunate experience a couple years ago with the coco fiber becoming old and dried out. I had the planters in the front of our home and one night I decided to water my planter's flowers when all of a sudden I found myself running from a nest of bees. Got stung...yep it hurt too. So from that point on I didn't touch those planters, my plants died and I was done with the coco fiber. Apparently bees nest in dead things and since the fiber I had used was a few years old, and fairly dried out, well the bees found it to be perfect place to call home.

 So instead of using the coco fiber and replacing it in whatever number of years, I decided to buy inexpensive clay pots and plant each of my geraniums in their own pot.

And I am really digging the look!

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend and wishing a very Happy Father's day to those special men in your lives!
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  1. I did the same thing this season, used the pots and I think the contrast looks better plus keeping the soil intact. Yours look so pretty.

  2. Barbara, your geranium pots look beautiful in your window boxes! We've been doing the same thing for the past couple of years. The coco fiber always dried out and the lizards began to call it home...lol! Clay pots were the perfect solution for us, too.

  3. They are so cute! I have always loved terra cotta pots for my flowers. They look good in the black wire baskets. thanks

  4. Those look so pretty, Barbara. I like the natural look of the clay pots. Have a great weekend..xxoJudy

  5. Now why didn't I think of this before throwing my planters away that had the coco moss liners? I threw them out because it became difficult to find the right size replacement coco liners for them. I love how that looks with the clay pots! I think it would be a lot easier to take care of too.

  6. This is so clever and the flowers are gorgeous. I just wanted to swing by, reciprocate, and say thank you for visiting BeColorful Coastal and leaving such a nice message. I hope your summer is off to a spectacular start.

  7. it looks really pretty that way! I sure hadn't thought of that, great idea!

  8. Where did you purchase the window box frames?


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