Interior Redesign and Real Estate Staging

This redesign was simply a matter of thinking a bit out of the box. The home here was on the real estate market for three months before the sellers decided to have it professionally staged. In this particular redesign or "staging", the object is to give this home a more inviting feel. So here is what two of the main living spaces looked like before the staging.

The Living Room Before...

The Family Room Before...

So what was done to give these two spaces a more charming look and feel?

Well take a look at the  After...

The sofa and love seat along with one of the area carpets from the family room were brought into the living room and placed on an angle. The purpose of placing the main seating area on the angle is to make the architectural feature of the fireplace stand out as the focal point of the room. Immediately upon entering the room the eye will go right to the beautiful stone fireplace.

The adornment on the fireplace before (above photo) was too small and lacked color. So plants were added along with some larger artwork the homeowner already owned.

Another thing to remember when placing furniture and artwork together is to make sure they are some how connected. The art on the wall in the picture below is simply too small and is too far away from the piece of furniture that is under it, so it appears to be just floating. It also lacks color and interest. This wall happens to be opposite the front door of the home, so if this is the first impression prospective buyers get as they enter it unfortunately will set a rather unexcited tone for the entire house. 

The short table was replaced by a taller table and the large colorful piece of artwork that was hanging adjacent to the far window was hung above the table! The new vignette speaks volumes about this home!

And now for the family room...the sofa from the living room was brought into this space and placed on an angle, only this time the angle is used to break up the long linear lines of the room. And the short table from the entryway was placed in front of the sofa as a coffee table. An area carpet was placed under the sofa and table in order to ground the seating arrangement.

The small table and chairs were moved to the middle of the room again to break up the long runway look this room had previously.

Now these rooms feel much more interesting and inviting. Before the redesign the homeowner was convinced that there was no other way to arrange the furniture in these two rooms. Well all it took was a little creative out of the box thinking to pull this home's main living spaces together into a sure to sell look!


  1. Your room is beautiful! I adore your big stone fireplace!

    I am happily following you!

  2. Beautiful outside the box redesign. Nicely done.

  3. Thank you very much ladies for your lovely comments! I did take a class a few years back in interior redesign and real estate staging. I think this concept goes hand in hand with the whole idea of inexpensive decorating...and these days who is not in favor of that?

    So happy Honey that you are a follower now.
    And Rosemary thank you too for your encouragement...sometimes it can be a bit challanging to come up with ideas that need to begin outside of the box!

  4. Hi Barbara...you did a great job on this home. It's really a creative way to make a home more livable and appealing - and you did that beautifully!


    PS - thanks again for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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