A Nautical Vase Made from a Plastic Pretzel Container

We have this beautiful back patio which is screened-in however the floor is concrete and anything glass which falls on the floor  immediately shatters into a gazillion pieces. Therefore I have a "NO Glass" rule for the back patio. You know plastic plates, glasses and so on, but being me I do tend to break my own rules. A couple weeks ago Buster ran up on to the patio while still on his tether, and my 100 pound puppy managed to take out the glass table top of one of my end tables. I was sick! So now I am looking for creative ways to decorated and furnish the back patio with safe non-breakable items. 

Anyhow, last week the kids and Chris polished off one of those big containers of pretzels, but I wouldn't let them toss out the actual container...I had an idea.

I washed the container and completely removed the the paper label...glue and all. Then I sprayed on two coats of white paint. Once dry I used some jute twine I happen to have lying around, and using spray adhesive I wrapped the bottom of the container. I also added some twine to cover the threads at the top of the container.

Then taking another piece of twine, I folded it in half and began making simple knots spaced fairly evenly apart. The twine was lightly sprayed with adhesive and tied to the container. To finish the look,I put beads on the ends of the tied twine.

Would you ever know this was made from a plastic pretzel container? The cost to make this for me was nada...and I recycled a plastic container and made it into a functional "unbreakable" decoration for the back patio.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. That is really cute and clever, it looks amazing!

  2. You are so creative! What a great idea to use something that we would just throw away. I would have never thought this up, great job.

    Michelle thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  3. What a cute idea. It looks great- Isn't it fun all the things people come up with using the things others would trash? You'd never know how this started it's life. Great job- xo Diana

  4. I totally love this idea, so clever and so cute. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that will be live Monday evening. www.astrollthrulife.net. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  5. It looks great and if it Buster knocks it off the table it won't break. What a great way to recycle and repurpose.

  6. Such ingenuity! And it looks beautiful!

  7. Oh my goodness I would never guess that that was a pretzel container before!!!! I love it!!! What a great idea, and the vase looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great job!!!

  8. This is an amazing recycle. It looks absolutely perfect!!

  9. Barbara, what a good idea and it looks so pretty too. Sorry about your table. I bet Buster was sorry too!! You are no slouch in the new look department either. Very cool background and header..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Great way to recycle. I would have never known that was a pretzel container!

  11. Looks great! Visiting from roadkill rescue. I like the paint on the plastic. It gives it a bit of a gloss. I'm going to feature on my fb page today.

  12. That is so pretty! You'd never know what it really was in it's previous life!

  13. Love this Barbara! I would never have thought that this was a pretzel jug!!! It is so pretty, and looks wonderful on your table!!
    Thanks for sharing such a great idea!
    Have a lovely week!

  14. Seriously? How DO you think of this stuff. Baby, I'm amazed. :D I think I have vision but you have some sort of sci-fi wonder vision. Love your creativity. Thanks for linking up.

    1. Pam you make me laugh with some of your comments!!! Thanks...glad to have linked up!!!

  15. Great way to re-purpose a plastic container and sooo cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Hi, Barbara. I absolutely love this! So much so that I added it to my Looksi Curated collection AND a round up of beach inspired decor for my site next week. As a Looksi Curator, I scoured blog land and Pinterest to find super fun, adorable, and easy crafts to share with Looksi. Of course, everything links directly to this post, and I hope you gain some blog traffic. Congrats!

  17. Ahhh-Maaaa-Zing. What in the world possessed you to look at a pretzel container and imagine this? I love the way you think. Great work!
    Jacki @ decoryouadore

  18. Now that is awersome! YOu have me thinking, since we are about to have a deck and patio done. AND, we eat those pretzels all the time, thanks!!!!

  19. Wow! What a great project. I'd NEVER know this is a plastic container if you didn't tell me. Love the white with the jute and beads, too!


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