A Trip To Sleepy Hollow and an Acorn Cap Wreath Tutorial

A couple weeks ago when we took our trip up to the Hudson Valley in New York, one of our stops included the legendary town of Sleepy Hollow. We didn't stay long, we just wanted to visit the cemetery where American author Washington Irving was buried and where his story of The Headless Horseman begins.

While we were standing outside the gate of the Irving family plot, I looked down and noticed thousands upon thousands of acorn caps.

 I remembered seeing a few ideas floating around the Internet in which decorations were made using these little caps. So the four of us began scooping up the acorn caps and stuffing them into our coat and jean pockets.

When we got back to the car we dumped our haul into a plastic grocery bag. Once home I rinsed them all off and then to make sure there were no little critters still living on or in them, I spread them out on a large baking sheet and put them into the oven which was heated to 350 degrees F for about 30 minutes.

Next I purchased a foam ring and spray painted it brown to match the color of the acorns. This was so that any of the space between the acorns would blend in to the wreath. The back was spray painted as well because I knew it was going to hung on a mirror. Then using a hot glue gun, a dab of glue was put on the topside of the acorn cap and then cap was glued to the wreath. I tried to stagger the pattern so it didn't look too uniform or too haphazard.

You may notice that there is a little bit of inconsistency in the size of the caps. This is because I fell a tad short on the caps we picked up in Sleepy Hollow, so I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find a few more caps to finish my wreath. I honestly can say I never knew how many types of oak trees there are and how the acorns themselves vary in size and shape from tree to tree.

After the acorns were all securely attached and the wreath was covered, a little adhesive spray was applied in sections and then some little iridescent glitter was sprinkled onto the wet glue.

All I did after the glue dried was to use a piece of satin ribbon to hang the wreath over the guest bedroom mirror. I also add a little color with a couple sprigs of faux berries.

It was a little bit of a time consuming project, but totally worth it in the end. This technique can be applied to any number of foam forms. I think creating an acorn cap forest using conical foams would be pretty cool looking. Mmm...I guess I will just have to save that idea for next year.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Beautiful! I love your wreath and thanks for sharing it with us. I've always wanted to take a trip to the Hudson Valley and maybe one day I will. It's a long way from Alabama, though!

  2. Lovely wreath and I have always wanted to see sleepy hallow.

  3. Gorgeous wreath!!!...Love the 4th photo...Sleepy Hollow looked so beautiful...

  4. Barbara, that is just the most gorgeous wreath ever. It is so perfect and that is a good thing. I pinned it so if I'm ever fortunate enough to find some acorn tops I'll be all over it..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. I love the church and all the brick! So beautiful. The wreath is so pretty too! xoxox

  6. Thanks for the tutorial and I, too, love the idea of trees!!! Now I have to find acorn caps!!!!

  7. Oh pretty, I love natural and rustic! And you know I love wreaths!


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