Changes in the Foyer ~ New Wall Colors

If you have been wondering where I've been over the past few days, I haven't been very far away. Actually I've been in my foyer painting on new wall colors. The colors are from Benjamin Moore's Historical collection, Wheeling Neutral and Navajo White. 

What were my colors before you ask? They were much lighter, Ben Moore's Philadelphia Cream with a pure white underneath. 

And while I did like the color combination, it just became too impractical for such a busy area as our home's main entry. The kids were constantly running their hands up and down the walls and the poor white just took a beating from the dog, the kids, and all of their little friends running in and out of the house. So in an effort to maybe "hide" the dirt marks when they happen, I chose darker colors for both above and below the chair rail. 

I also wanted the wainscoting to be the same color as in the dining room. The Navajo White is a very creamy white and I think adds a little sophistication when paired with the Wheeling Neutral.

Our home is over 40 years old and the baseboards in the entry and up the stairs are missing quarter rounds since these areas were at one time were carpeted. The space between the wood baseboards and the walls are, well lets just say less than pretty. So I decided to add some caulking to freshen up the look.
Yes CAULK is one this gal's favorite friends!!!

And the painting is underway.

I am also hoping that we can add a stairway railing and possibly an electric sconce to the wall at the landing. Then it will be time to hang up a little wall art.

And despite all the snow and the days the kids have been off, they still have the extended President's Day weekend, so I am sure not much will get done over the next few days with regard to this project. 

But that's OK. 
I guess I'll just put on a pot of coffee and grab some of my favorite decorating magazines, and ride out the holiday weekend!

You all enjoy a wonderful weekend too!



  1. Love your new colors, so pretty. I am busy painting up a storm too. Seems like a ton of work, but so worth it when done. Nice and fresh.

  2. It's going to be gorgeous, Barbara, not that it already wasn't, but a change is always welcomed. Can't wait to see but enjoy the weekend and Happy Valentine's Day..Judy

  3. I love the colors. I would love to have a bedroom done in Wheeling Neutral. I would think it makes for a very calm feeling. Beautiful!

  4. Looking good Barbara...can't wait for the reveal!! So excited to be hosting with you:-)

  5. Love your color choices, Barbara.

  6. I love the new colors, Barbara. I used Navajo White for several years in past houses.. Love BM's paint. It is going to be beautiful when you are all done. Happy Valentine's Day to you- xo Diana

  7. You have a beautiful home and I love the colors you chose!

  8. Pretty colors, Barbara! Can't wait to see the big finish! Whatever you do always looks beautiful!

  9. I completely understand how white walls can take a beating from kids and pets. I have white walls throughout my house and I find myself spot cleaning them a lot. I like the new darker color you chose for your foyer. The wainscoting is beautiful too. I love pretty trimwork in a house. We had the same issue with missing quarter round once we switched from carpet to hardwood floors. It's been years since we changed out our flooring and we still haven't finished putting down quarter round! I'm always on my husband about not finishing projects! Very frustrating.

  10. I think the new colors are going to look great-I love white but I do understand with kids!

  11. Great combination for foyer. Why Navajo white and not White Dove? Also love your blue dining room color with delft plates. What blue did you choose? Thanks.

    1. I had selected the Navajo for the dining room and loved the creamy color so I decided to carry it out into the entry. I am not familiar with White Dove...will have to take a look at it. The blue dining room color is actually called Boothbay Gray and it's from Ben Moore paints. Hope this helps!


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