Saying Goodbye to a Much Loved Home

I know it has been some time since I last posted anything aside from our fabulous weekly Share Your Style party, but unfortunately I have not been afforded very much time to create, photograph and write any new posts. This has been for two reasons, one being technical issues with our computer. At some point a virus was uploaded and has been wreaking havoc on our poor computer. Mr. Rosemary Lane has been trying to work on eradicating the virus and has to some extent been successful, but still it is moving at a snail's pace with a number of advertisement interruptions.

The other reason for my lack of being around has to do with a decision my parents made a month and a half ago. Let me explain.

As you may or may not remember me telling you before, my dad was diagnosed with vascular dementia about 4 years ago and his condition, as expected, has been gradually declining. So when my parents were up visiting this past May they made the decision to put their beloved Floridian home on the market and move back to Pennsylvania. This was a particularly tough decision for my mother since she has always loved Florida and lived the past 20 years in the house they had built in their over 55 active adult community.

As it would happen they listed their home in mid June and the house sold in 5 days with settlement at the end of July. Needless to say the past few weeks have been extremely busy and very difficult for my parents as they were in the final days of packing up their home in "The Sunshine State" and make the move so they can be closer to family. 

So two weeks ago I spent 9 days in (not so sunny with 7 days of constant rain and thunderstorms) Florida sorting through old family treasures, collecting boxes, weeding out items they no longer need, and helping my mom prepare for her big move. Then I brought my dad north and he has been staying here in the guest quarters of 21 Rosemary Lane. My sister Kim had headed down to Florida last weekend to tie up the balance of what still needed to be packed for the movers, and she is heading home with my mom today. Hopefully we will be able to get them settled in their new apartments this coming weekend.

And then I will be back in full force geared up for the month of August!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer and don't forget to stop by tonight for the 24th Share Your Style link party opening at 7pm sharp! 

Be there or be square!!!!


  1. Barbara,
    I moved my mom back in January into a senior apartment from selling her home and I know how much work that is. I think your mom and dad will settle and love the new life style. My mom was not sure about apartment life from living in her own home but now is embracing all the activities and friends she has met. So it just will take some time. You are such a wonderful daughter to help them get moved.

  2. Oh wow, Barbara, peace and love to you all as you work through these major life transitions. They're hard.

  3. Oh Barbara, I feel for you. You know several of us are going through stages of life with our parents. It's so hard and bittersweet. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. I know from experience how much work this is, not to mention the stress. I know your parents will feel good about living close to family, as difficult as it is to give up one's longtime home. Best wishes to each of you.

  5. I lost my parents very early so I never had this situation. Now my husband and I are both retired and want to sell our family home and move south - we are in Connecticut and it is outrageously expensive here. I worry about what will happen as we age even more but it is our time now because our children have moved out of state and we do not have any grandchildren so it is time to go now.

  6. Oh, Barbara. So sorry there is need for your parents to give up their beautiful home, but they will most likely feel safer, as all your family will, when they are settled. They certainly will love being closer to family. It is hard to give things up as we age, but it likely will happen to all of us. That is a lot of work sorting through years of memories. Take some time to to let it all sink in..Judy

  7. So sorry Barbara, but them being close is for the best. I am facing this problem as my son wants me up close to him in Northern CA. I, of course are dragging my heels. I am not ready yet to give up my home and my networking of friends.
    I know they will love it when they get settled.


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