Autumn in Hunterdon County

Maybe it is just because I have always lived in our country's mid-Atlantic region, but I think fall is the most beautiful time of the year. As I try to do each year, today I am sharing with you some of the seasonal beauty which surrounds us here in central New Jersey.

Despite the fact that two major metropolitan areas are in just an hour's time, those being New York City and Philadelphia, Hunterdon County pretty much lies in the heart of horse and farm county.

Hunterdon County was established on March 11, 1714 with it's county seat being that of Flemington, the site of the Lindbergh kidnapping trial.

Hunterdon County is also the home of Elisabeth Gilbert, noted author of the 2006 best seller Eat, Pray, Love.

The last week in October is usually our peak week for autumn foliage to really pop, and the countryside is ablaze with amazing color.

We may have had to deal with some fairly cold winters over the past few years along with nor' easters like Superstorm Sandy. But to be able to bask in the warmth of mid-autumn's sun and have my world wrapped in the golden yellows, fire reds, and cool greens of each fall, makes living here in the mid-Atlantic a true blessing!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you.

  2. Very nice Barb. Makes me want to go for a long run on the beautiful roads again

  3. Barbara, your photos are just gorgeous and you certainly live in beautiful country. Your part of the world is well known for the beautiful fall colors and there is no doubting that..Happy Halloween..Judy

  4. Barbara, What a beautiful area there. There is nothing like fall in the country. You took some absolutely beautiful pictures. The color is just amazing and the setting is gorgeous! xo Diana

  5. I LOVE seeing Hunterdon County in fall with all the pretty farmland. I miss being able to walk around Peddler's Village. Before my leg got worse we went all the time.


  6. Hi Barbara,
    Gorgeous! I am amazed at the brilliant colors. The pictures are so beautiful, I felt like I was right there with you taking them. The farms are so charming. I enjoyed your post immensely! I love Autumn too! Enjoy the remaining time.

  7. What splendid and colorful photos you captured! I love photos of train tracks. Always have.

  8. What beautiful Splender!!!!you are lucky to live in such a peaceful setting!

  9. I grew up very near here and I loved the fall season. I no longer live in the area so it was nice to see it again in your beautiful photos.

  10. Beauty is everywhere, if we just stop long enough to look at it. Gorgeous photos, Happy Fall, thanks, Sandi

  11. Beautiful photos! I agree, fall is so beautiful in the Northeast. Great color here, too, it is a bit distracting when driving.

  12. OMG...I forgot how pretty New Jersey can be. I grew up there and have been gone for many years, but every fall I miss the beautiful colors. Where I live in Texas the trees don't turn pretty colors. The leaves just wither and die and slowly fall off over the winter months. Coming across your blog was a real treat for me. Beautiful pictures. Thank you!

  13. Just found your blog - love it!
    We moved to NE Pennsylvania 12 years ago from the Jersey Shore.....bought an old Christmas Tree farm and built our dream home.....but a little bit of our heart will always be in Jersey...along with our best friends who live in Flemington!
    Will visit often......

  14. Oh, I love, love, love Hunterdon County! In autumn I like to just wander and allow myself to get lost in the beauty of it. I love in Montgomery County, PA and don't get over the river as much as I would like to.


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