Baby it is Snowing Outside but My New Chandy is Hanging Inside

It has been cold and snowing here all of today so no one is going anywhere. I have been listening to the dismal weather reports as the meteorologist warnings to stay indoors couldn't be more serious. The reports are that this storm may well top the two big storms of 1993 and '96, and there has been complete radio silence with regard to snow totals in New York City since about one o'clock this afternoon. As of right now there is probably somewhere in the area of 2 feet on the ground, and it is still coming down! We are all cozied up indoors with a huge crockpot full of  my spicy chili all ready to go for tonight's meal.

Earlier today Mr. Rosemary Lane was kind enough (after a lot of begging and pleading on my part) to hang my new kitchen chandelier I scored this past Thursday at ReStore  for only $15. 

I had to keep my fingers crossed she was going to work as they don't test electrical items which are hard wired at ReStore. But she worked and I was thrilled!

You may remember the chandelier I had here before...

And while I do still like the old fixture it felt a little too clunky for the kitchen's new farmhouse vibe.

As for the conditions outside, the snow is suppose to end here sometime before midnight and tomorrow is going to be sunny and 34 degrees! Perfect for a full day of sledding for Mr. RL and the kiddos. As for me, I think I may begin to repaint my kitchen chairs and possibly, if the roads permit, try to hit a fabric store or two in search of new some material to cover my kitchen chair seats.

Wishing you all a safe, warm and wonderful rest of your weekend!


  1. Wow your new chandelier just couldn't be anymore perfect for the farmhouse look. Great find!

    Stay warm. I can't even imagine that much cold and snow.

  2. I love the new chandy! I also love the old one and would love to get one like it! Can you tell me where you got it? It has been snowing here since last night too and they say it might stop by around 9 tonight. I sure hope so. Stay safe and warm!!!

    1. Hi Pinky...I actually purchased the old chandy about 12 years ago at Lowes. So funny because my mom and sister liked it so much that they each purchased the same chandelier. Snow has finally begun to let up here...thank goodness!
      XO Barbara

  3. Barbara, love the new chandy! It looks great! It has been really cold here today with a little dusting of snow! Stay warm and safe! Pam @ Everyday Licing

  4. Barbara, the new chandy is just gorgeous and so perfect for your new farmhouse look, which I love. I just went to our REstore and there was nothing there as pretty. Wow, that is a lot of snow, but as long as your power doesn't go out, you can eat that marvelous chili under the glow of the pretty lamp..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. Barbara...You do know, that if/when you paint the chairs...the hutch will be waiting:-)!

  6. Barbara,
    LOVE the Restore chandelier, dear friend!!!
    Goodness. . .that's a lot of SNOW!!!
    I, too, have a painting project in mind, come Spring!!!

  7. Yes Barbara! This new chandy for the grand price of $15 is perfect for the place on top of your round table and soo pretty too! You were lucky and I love it there more then the old one.
    Happy Sunday.

  8. Great swap out! Love the new chandy!

  9. Love the new chandy, it is perfect. Stay inside, it is a mess out there.

  10. Your new/old chandelier matches your table and chairs much better.
    I love to get out on a snowy day
    and I need new material also to cover a chair


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