Geraniums in the Window

Ever since I was a little girl I always loved the idea of flowers in the kitchen window, in particular brilliant red geraniums. 

 Referring back to my love of vintage (doesn't vintage sound better than old?) t.v. shows like Bewitched and the Waltons. Samantha always had the bright red geraniums in her kitchen window while Olivia Walton had a softer white flower on her sill.

 But for the last ten years my kitchen windows have always had a lot of shade due to the beautiful maple that once stood about 25 feet from the back of our house. And since we had the shade I've always used impatiens, which I do love, in the boxes off of the kitchen windows. Well thanks to Super Storm Sandy last fall, I now have an abundance of afternoon light which will be pouring in through our kitchen windows this spring and summer, most of it being the stronger afternoon sun that I know geraniums love. So today I was on Pinterest and started pinning different ideas of geraniums in and around the house...here is some of what I pinned.

This final pic is from the Designer House Tour last spring in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Click here for the complete garden tour.

Aren't these all amazing ideas? Geraniums are simply a classic as far as I am concerned.
Although I am going to seriously miss my beautiful trees in the back, I am kind of excited about new flowers in my boxes! 
(Maybe even some new window boxes too.)

Have a great day!

 Feel free to re-pin these pics from my board but not from here, I wouldn't want the owners of these photos not to receive proper credit. Just click here to re-pin.


  1. Lovely!! I plant red geraniums every year.

  2. Hi Barbara,

    When I got my very first apartment, I bought two salmon pink geraniums for my kitchen window. The apartments were older, or "vintage," :) and they had wonderful big windows and wide window sills. Those two pink geraniums looked so cheerful in my kitchen, and I hadn't thought about them in years until I read this post. It's great that you'll get more sunshine in your kitchen now. Can't wait to see your new geraniums!

    Have a great day!


  3. I love geraniums, too. I usually pick the bright deep pink ones and pair them with dusty miller and vinca vine and white petunias and blue lobelia. It makes a beautiful window box. I can't wait to see what you do- xo Diana

  4. I luv geraniums too! Only thing, I cannot ever keep them alive. I don't know what I do wrong... but they always die after a few months :-(
    Is there a trick?? Help! I want to grow this classic on my patio....
    Hugs, Gee

  5. I grew up with lots of geraniums, dusty miller, begonias, and then moved on to impatiens. I love the Martha Washington geraniums, the colors are gorgeous. xo

  6. I LOVE geraniums, the bright red ones with the big green leaves! And like you, I wanted them on my window ledge. They were gorgeous from inside and out. In the winter I brought them in, still in the window box and they lived! I got another summer out of them and then they just looked tired. I've done impatiens, too, but the geraniums were just spectacular. Good luck! :)


  7. I also like Geraniums,I usually do my porch with them,The colors are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love geraniums too. They are so easy to maintain and remind me of my mother.

  9. I love red geraniums - have quite a few. I also have a lot of different colored geraniums in my garden. I love to get the ones that are scented. Have a beautiful pink one that smells like roses.
    So sorry about your tress being gone, but now you can have your red geraniums back.
    Happy spring.

  10. Red geraniums are my absolute favorite! They are just happy flowers. :)

  11. Hi Barbara, haven't seen you around for awhile. I think when I come on everyone else has gone to bed so I don't see the earlier posts on my sidebar. I try to keep up but it is hard anymore for some reason. I have always loved geraniums. When we lived by the beach they were a staple in all my families gardens as long as I can remember. They would bloom practically all year long. Here it gets too cold in the winter so they have to be treated as an annual and I don't usually do that. I love the smell of them. I'll have to be more observant so I can share in yours. Bet they will be beautiful..Happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday)..Judy

  12. Oh how I love thee. I am so excited about Spring and Summer flowers this year. I am really going to try hard not to kill them:)

  13. I am so sorry that you lost such a beautiful tree! It dos open up the possibility of more varieties of flowers now that you'll have sunshine! There seems to be many more flowers that like sun than shade. Have fun discovering new ways to use geraniums, which I also love, and other plants in your planters andy yard! Hugs, Leena

  14. When life gives you lemons ... I love that you are turning yours into lemonade!
    Those geraniums are gorgeous, I could see why you'd want to fill your window box With them. Can't wait to see it!


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