Grace's Father Daughter Dance 2013

Earlier this evening Mr. Rosemary Lane took our little princess to the annual Girl Scout father daughter dance.  Grace was so excited about her big date that as soon she came home from school she ran upstairs to put on her new dress, shoes, and white tights. I laughed to myself and then informed her that the dance was still 4 hours away! 

I had fun helping Grace get ready for her special night. I blew out her hair out and styled it, and then applied the tiniest bit of mascara and eye shadow to her already beautiful face. When Chris came home he was in shock at how grown up she looked.

He ran up the stairs and donned his suit from the closet.

We did the traditional photos coming down the stairs, in front of the fireplace, and getting in the car.

They had a wonderful time!

Here's my happy couple through the years.

My they grow up quickly don't they?

Goodnight Gracie!



  1. Wow, she does look grownup, Barbara, and really beautiful. :) We did the scouting thing at our house for nine years. Our son earned his Eagle Scout -- a great source of pride for us. I hope they have a great time tonight.



  2. They look so happy! Grace is just a beautiful girl. Look out, the boys will be knocking down your door soon!


  3. IO am glad I came here to your blog.. I was reading the Invisible Mother and I reached 21Rosemary Lane.
    Love the Father Daughter dance and your description of the Date ... and the beautiful daughter
    Bless you

  4. Oh Barbara, your heart must be so full. Grace is such a beautiful girl. I loved seeing her through the years, it goes too fast! Such a sweetie. xo

  5. My gosh- She has gone from looking like a little girl to a young lady in just those 3 years...unbelievable, isn't it? She is a beautiful little girl and her date is pretty cute, too. xo Diana

  6. My favorite is the 2009 photo. How fun to see them through the years. Precious moments that fly by way too fast.

  7. wow..she looks beautiful! And I loved seeing all the other pics as well.
    What a great experience that she will always treasure.

  8. Awww. what a sweet post. Your daughter is so beautiful! Her dress is lovely and yes, they grow up way to fast. Soon it will not be Daddy taking her to the dance........Thanks for sharing those special moments. Blessings!

  9. Barbara, she is so delightful. What a pretty girl and how she has grown through the years. It's a good thing and so hard to see at the same time, isn't it. And isn't it funny that Mr. RL doesn't ever look any different!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Adorable. I miss those days but continue to have great ones. Watching our Elizabeth dance with her dad/my hubs at her wedding brought all of these memories back. Your daughter is beautiful and it looks like they are both looking forward to their evening.

  11. What a beautiful moment and pictures. Priceless.


  12. She is adorable, what wonderful memories she will have with her Daddy. And you are so right, our little girls grow up way too fast, my little girl will be 15 tomorrow.
    xoxo. Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com


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