Incredible Yard Sale Find ~ Vintage Wooden Skis with Bamboo Poles

I never thought I would be looking at snow skis this time of the year, but yesterday I was in Pennsylvania with my sister Kim and we decided to hit a few of the areas yard sales. The kids were with us...each child armed with 5 one dollar bills which provided a couple of smiles along with more than enough cash to buy a few fun things. 

Anyhow we were using the local paper and Kim's GPS to find various yard and garage sales in Bucks county, and at one point Kim led us to this private driveway which appeared almost to be more like a small thruway. I swear the driveway was an easy 1/2 mile long on about a 70 degree incline. We climbed the hill and parked at a designated parking area. Now this was actually a private residence...but oh my was it one amazing spot. 

(With the owner's permission I snapped these next few pics of her property)

We immediately began to check out all of the goods for sale which ranged from antique yard decor to your more typical yard sale finds. BUT...and a big one at that...there was one item which caught my eye and my imagination. There, in front of the main garage, was this beautiful vintage set of skis and poles.

The kids had already milled around and found several items to contemplate buying, however for me, well this set of skis and poles had at the moment my undivided attention!

 Leather wrist straps on bamboo poles, over six foot log solid wood skis complete with leather bindings.

 As you can see, the set has been embellished with greens, pine cones and what appears to be a red scarf (cool idea) to give it a wintry feel. Also included was this vintage postcard which is mounted to a small piece of particle board.

Courtesy of the New England Ski Museum. 

OK so are you chomping at the bit yet to know what I shelled out for this incredible ensemble??? Hold onto your keyboards ladies and you few gents who may have hopped onto this post by virtue of pure intrigue. Not $100 or even $50, which is what I thought they would go for...but a mere $15!  US dollars that is!!

As you can see the manufacturer's emblem is almost all but gone. What remains is the shape of a red teardrop and the last letter of the ski's brand looks to be the letter "R". Not much to go on but I would love to find out about the true history of these skis. I figure they must be at least somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 years old. 

Anyone out there know anything about vintage wooden skis?

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Spring Sunday

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  1. Wow, Barbara, what a fantastic addition to your Christmas porch!! I can hardly wait, maybe you should do a Christmas in July porch!!! $15 is a fabulous price. I went skiing once in my life many moons ago, so I no nothing about skis. xo

  2. You can really sniff out a fabulous bargain.I love the skis... and can't wait to see how you use the in your holiday decorations!

  3. These will be just perfect for the winter and holidays. What fantastic finds!


  4. Don't you love stumbling upon such wonderful homes while you are out on the hunt? The skis are amazing. Great find.

  5. WOW! What a wonderful bargain! They are wonderful!

    Now that I live in Colorado everyone always asks me if I ski..lol! I did when I was young but I doubt my knees could hold up to it now.

  6. I have never in my life seen a snow ski, but I have fallen in love with this pair. I can't wait to see how you display them.

  7. http://www.woodenskis.com/ Scroll down towards the bottom of this page- there is a photo of wooden skis with similar emblem. may help in your search to find the maker of your skis.

  8. Believe they were J.C Higgins, part of Sears


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