Classic White Painted Brick Abodes

It is not that unusual for me to be in the middle of one project and begin to speculate and research a future project. This one however will have to wait until the spring, but it is never too early to start putting together my thoughts, ideas and a collection of pictures. 

Yesterday  the roofers arrived promptly at 8am to begin work on replacing our poor old, and I mean 23 years old, ugly tan roof. The new color is called Rustic Black from the Heritage line by Tamko roofing supplies.

Wanna see???

click here to see brochure

So with the new roof going on you just know there are going to have to be other changes made to the exterior of our home.

One of them will be replacing the tired old 1980's heather blue shutters with classic new black shutters. I did think about painting the old ones black but in my research to see how this could be done I found that it is not recommended to paint a darker color over a lighter color with regard to vinyl shutters. This is because the lighter color shutters are not made to withstand the stress of expansion and contraction that occurs with a darker color. Eventually the result will be the paint failing. And yes I am aware that there are paints specially made with specific bonding agents that will adhere to the vinyl, but urethane resin paints are a bit on the expensive side and then there is the trouble of removing the shutters, painting and rehanging them. Since shutters are relatively inexpensive, only costing about $50 a set, I think buying new for us is the way to go.

The next thing to be done will be to paint the exterior brick white but first I have to ease Mr. Rosemary Lane into the idea. Take a look at these stunning homes with white painted brick and black shutters.

These next two pictures are amazing before and after shots. Look at this outdated brick after it is painted white.

It totally transforms the entire feel of the home doesn't it?

To me there is also something so very charming about painted brick.

I think this look will really work on our home.

What do you think?



  1. Barbara,
    Painting the brick on those houses really gives them a totally new and very nice look. Go for it on yours! Your new roof looks great as well. So glad ours was replaced just before we bought the house last year, so we don't have to do that.
    I just discovered your web site and it's fabulous! I love your style and will be coming here often!
    Sue P.

  2. I was always scared to paint brick, but now seeing what it looks like I would do it. I wished I could do it with stone.

  3. Yes, Ma'am...you just say the word and I will show up with a paint brush in hand. I say GO FOR IT! I, personally, love painted brick. Love the examples you found AND your new roof- xo Diana

  4. I love painted brick. It really does update the home. I hope you can talk your husband into it.

  5. I love the white brick!!! Beautiful and huge improvement!

  6. OMG they are beautiful! Go for it, what a difference in the befor and after pics!

  7. I love white painted brick on a home. I say go for it!
    You can never go wrong with the classic look of white and black.

  8. A house down the street has the white painted brick with black shingle roof and black shutters and it is stunning…so yours will be stunning too!…I have a red brick home and always wondered how it would look with painted white brick...

  9. Your new roof looks amazing!!!! and my vote is yes for painting the brick!! We have siding that cannot be painted...boo...but the best thing I ever did was painting the shutters and doors shiny black!! I didn't have a computer to research it, so I painted vinyl shutters with Kilz primer and exterior high gloss paint. It's been on there for about 12 years and still looks GREAT!! In fact, the paint is outlasting the steel door...yikes!!
    Good luck with your campaign :^)

  10. Love it.. We had a half siding half brick which we painted last yr.. My only regret was waiting 5 yrs to make up my mind

    1. Eric- did you paint the siding as well as the brick?


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