Master Bedroom Makeover / Progress Report ~ Room Elements

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday!! Wow I can't believe this is the last weekend of January...my goodness this first month of the year went by fast!

Well I think I have found the color I want for the bedroom. It is called Ivy Lane chip #523 by Benjamin Moore, part of their Classic paint collection. The color appears a little darker with a bit more of a yellow undertone in my photo compared to the inspiration room, but the color is pretty darn close it does match my valances to a "T"!

(my room on the left...the inspiration room on the right)

The next challenge is to come up with a horse picture to imitate the one in the House Beautiful photo. 

So I went back through some of my old pics from last summer's trip to Assateague Island. I had several pictures of the island's feral horses and I just loved this one of the stallion who was in our camp on the last morning of our vacation.

Using my favorite editing site PicMonkey, I cropped the image and added a few effects to make it feel less like a photo and more like a painting. Then I dropped the image into my account over at Art.com and played around with the frame and matting. My picture is not as refined as the designer's room wall art, but for me it brings back the memory of a wonderful week camping.

I am not sure whether I want to try to order a picture framed or just order the print and then frame it myself. I will have to see what corners I can cut by DIYing the framing.

Still on a quest for a dust ruffle, I accidentally found these sheets over at Pottery Barn's on-line store. They remind me of the set on the House Beautiful bed with the green trim, and the sheets are on sale!

Again not sure if I want to splurge or make due with what I already have which will work too. Trying to keep the budget as low as possible, but they are soooo pretty!!!

I am hoping this weekend I can knock out some of the painting starting with the room's ceiling. It is going to need a couple coats since we do have some water damage as the result of our old leaky roof. 

And that's it for now. Once the cold weather lets up I want to take a good look at the coffee table I plan to turn into a weathered bench. It has to come up from below freezing sometime right?

Have a great day!!


  1. Looking good Barbara!! Love the color of your walls...so pretty!

  2. Love the photo before and after, what a great shot! Your room is going to look beautiful!

  3. I really love what you are doing Barbara and I'm so enjoying everything you have done. I just love what you have did with the horse picture, it's going to be just lovely!

  4. You’re making wonderful progress on your bedroom Barbara. Of course it’s snowing again so winter is here for a little longer.

  5. I love that ivy green color, Barbara. It is really close and I think it is perfect. To tell you the truth, I like YOUR horse version a lot better than the one in the inspiration room. As far as the sheets, I wonder if you could find a piece of trim that was close and just stitch it along the edges of the pillowcases and the top sheet? That might be work and be a lot cheaper than new sheets.
    You are sure on the right track though. I love "copying" something I see! xo Diana

  6. If you have water stains on your ceiling wash the area first with a solution of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. I had a water stain on my dining room ceiling and it kept "bleeding through" my paint, even though the leak had been fixed a long while prior. I did this solution, and then painted and viola' no more water stain. Linda

  7. You are moving along great! I love what you did with the horse photo! You can certainly call it your own! I have seen those sheets in PB and I wanted them for myself! :)

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Oh...this is looking beautiful!!! I'm with Linda though....be sure that you treat the water stain, or it will ruin your new paint as well :^(
    I do love your horse picture...it is so much more animated than the inspiration one.


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