Recreating a Dream Bedroom Room from "House Beautiful"

Mr. Rosemary Lane always says..."If you want to make God laugh...make a plan!" As you know I have this beautiful green and white bedding my heart has been aching to put into the bedroom for the past year, so I've been on the hunt for some spectacular inspiration for my master bedroom makeover. 

Well I have looked and looked and looked and there is not another room out there on the internet, or in my many decorating magazines, that I fell harder for than this gorgeous bedroom from House Beautiful

I can't seem to get the image out of my mind, or off the computer screen for that matter. I know there is no green and white bedding in this room design which means the game plan will undoubtedly need to be changed. But I simply adore the room's warm green color paired with cozy creams and pops of orange. So needless to say I have been on a cyber hunt for items to match some of the elements in this beautiful room.

Our bedroom furniture is old enough to have a family of her own...wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? It is a Rice bed with a bureau and chest of draws in a classic cherry finish that I bought way back in the 80's, my very first grown up purchase! The furniture could use some new drawer pulls to give it a fresh look.

I think the cherry wood will look wonderful against the gorgeous green paint color of the inspiration room. The paint is by a company called C2 Paint and the color is New Leaf. And there is a C2 Paint store withing 30 minutes of my house...how lucky can a girl get? 

Upon closer look I realized that the Jacobean pattern on the headboard and dust ruffle is extremely close to Country Curtains' Jacobean floral in rose. (If you remember I have Jacobean floral in blue in the dining room and I am still in love with both the print and linen fabric)

I like the idea of using just the valance over a sheer...I already have sheers so I am halfway there. 

And isn't that orange accent carpet on the floor simply eye catching?

I came across this carpet on-line over at Home Depot. It measures 5 feet 3 inches in diameter. The cost is $95 plus tax, something to keep in mind if I do end up going in this direction.

I like this next area carpet too...it is an 8 X 10 for roughly $230. Since we have all hardwood in our bedroom something like this could be a possibility for an overall floor coverage in lieu of using the round orange carpet. 

Possibly pairing it with something like this valance. (However I do prefer the brighter background of the Jacobean valance.)

And don't you just adore this lamp?

I do too but if I walk into the house with one more lamp I think Mr. Rosemary Lane will take it and clock me over the head with the dang thing. I suppose I am going to have to make due with something I already own for this makeover!

Also it would be great if I could find a dust ruffle like the one in the picture to match the Jacobean valance. I thought about possibly purchasing fabric and having one made, but at over $30 a yard for fabric that option is pretty unrealistic! So I would need to figure out something else in an effort to duplicate some of the details in House Beautiful's stunning space.

When I look at this bedroom I see it as a place I could spend hours doing more than just sleeping. To be honest our master bedroom is so bad that I actually close my eyes whenever I walk by the opened door to the room. (So for now I am keeping it closed to spare myself the agony!) I am really thinking hard about making this dream space a reality in my home...I just have to get creative with the budget. Ideally I'd like to pull this room together for somewhere around $400 with my two major expenses being the area carpet and two valances. 

Ah...give me the weekend to really mull it over...but I do love this room!!!



  1. Barbara-That is a beautiful, beautiful room! I love it all. I really like the valance with the whiter background, too. It looks fresher to me. I hear you about the lamps. I buy way too many lamps and still look for more. I am on the hunt for a small (really small) now to finish a space.
    It will be fun to see what you end up with, Barbara. I love that bed skirt, too. It would be great to find a knock-off fabric for pennies on the dollars. Keep looking. You'll find the perfect thing somewhere.
    Have a great Saturday. Getting ready to hit the (icy) road here. ugh-xo Diana

  2. Barbara,

    You really are on your way to a beautiful room if you continue to let this picture inspire you. Finding a close match to the headboard fabric is a great start since it's a focal point. The first 8 X 10 rug is absolutely gorgeous and I think it adds a lot more elegance to the room than the one pictured and the one from Home Depot. I hope all of this falls into place for you!


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