The Blue Plate Special

A few years back...hmmmm...maybe like 10 or so, Mr Rosemary Lane's niece was a member of her high school marching band and each year they would hold an art auction as a fundraiser. The second year we attended we purchased this beautiful oil painting of blue and white pottery. The picture has always been in the dining room although has lived on various walls because nothing ever stays in the same place in our home. But for whatever reason today, as I was passing through the room, I noticed that this pretty picture was hanging all alone on a little strip of wall between the dining room and kitchen. It is the only artwork in the space and I thought to myself that it needed a better place to be displayed...you know a place of importance.

So I moved the picture to the center of my wall of plates just above the buffet, replacing the white platter I originally had in the spot. And while I really liked the idea of the picture in a more prominent place, I suddenly was not liking the white plates on the wall as much...so guess what happened next? 

Go ahead guess...

I'll bet you are totally stumped right??? 

Well this one is straight out of left field but...

of course...

I changed the plates!

I like how now the artwork is not only tied to the large ceramic plant container on the buffet but also to the surrounding blue and white plates on the wall. It was great that I already happen to own two patterns of blue and white dinnerware, plus a set of four decorative plates from Tiffany's commemorating the 500 years since Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

 I also like the color of the plates on the wall, it compliments the picture much better than the plain white. 

So this transformation was the perfect price...nada!!! 

I will enjoy this for now but who knows what the wall will like like in a few months.
 Because as you know nothing at 21 Rosemary Lane is ever stays the same!


Ever wonder where the phrase "Blue Light Special" originated? Well here is what Wikipedia had to say...

"The origin and explanation of the phrase are not clear. Kevin Reed says that "during the Depression, a manufacturer started making plates with separate sections for each part of a meal—like a frozen dinner tray—it seems that for whatever reason they were only available in the color blue." Michael Quinion cites a dictionary entry indicating that the blue plates were, more specifically, inexpensive divided plates that were decorated with a "blue willow" or similar blue pattern, such as those popularized by Spode and Wedgwood. One of his correspondents says that the first known use of the term is on an October 22, 1892 Fred Harvey Company restaurant menu, and implies that blue-plate specials were regular features at Harvey Houses."

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  1. It's beautiful Ms. Barbara!!! That art work is lovely and the plates and plant holder are the perfect compliment!!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Barbara I LOVE that sweet painting and love those pretty blue plates you added to your plate wall!! Beautiful!

  3. Sweet combination! Interesting nostalgia about the blue plate special too.

  4. Looks fantastic! I like the plate colors.

  5. Lovely! I love the picture surrounded by the beautiful plates. Really pretty! I am your newest follower.


  6. Barbara- That is the PERFECT anchor for those plates. I LOVE pictures of china and that one is gorgeous. Even the frame is wonderful. I gave all my blue & white pieces to my daughter- I had a huge collection and she has it stored. Once in a while I am tempted to ask for it back. lol xo Diana

  7. Love what you did there...gorgeous! ;)

  8. I love how you change out the plates. I have lots of plates on my walls but have to admit I've never thought about switching them.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  9. Now, Barbara, you know that isn't true! The lovely family that lives at 21 Rosemary Lane is permanent!! But, I do love the blue and white arrangement and that painting on your blue walls. It all looks so elegant and so is that beautiful picture frame, but I won't mind seeing something different in a few months time..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. The colorful plates just make the picture pop! love the new look.

  11. I really love your new dining room wall color, Barbara; it's just beautiful!! I also LOVE the painting you purchased at auction. I never tire of blue and white, and I think your plate switcheroo is a good idea. :) I recognize the Churchill "Finlandia" dishes; they have been our everyday dishes for almost 20 years now. They're so versatile, aren't they?

    Visiting from Inspire Me Tuesday -- have a great day!


  12. Your blue and white is all so pretty and I love the plates on the wall. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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