Another Road Side Find for the Office and I Need Your Opinion

I am still working on the office and have a bit of a ways to go before my big reveal, but I wanted to share with you yet another roadside find. A couple years ago our neighbors were in the process of getting ready to sell their home, and in an effort to scale back their furnishings this beauty was taken out to the curb!

 It is solid wood and get this... the back also has a raised panel so it also can be used as a room divider.

According to the owner it is an Ethan Allen piece, and according to my quesstimation it is probably from the 60's or 70's.

So it sat in the garage all the way up to last week when I finally pulled her out, wiped her down and gave her a fresh coat of paint.

Mr. Rosemary Lane likes it with the doors off so the games are in plain view. (I have no idea why we have 2 Battleship games!) I'm still on the fence about it. I did go ahead and paint the interior of the cabinet and plan to see how I feel after living without the doors for awhile. I would like to purchase a few more baskets or even some pretty coordinating storage boxes for the shelves, right now they looks kind of sparse.

So what do you think...doors on or doors off?

Thanks for your most valued opinion!


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  1. That paint certainly brought that piece up to date. I bet that is from the 70's? That is what it reminds me of. I think it looks more modern with the doors off--but, I am a "door" person. lol xo Diana

  2. Barbara that piece looks fabulous painted white! I think it looks fine with the doors off.

  3. Barbara I like that piece without the doors, the color you picked is great what a great find. You did good girl. I would paint the doors and store them away so if you ever want to change it up there ready to go. I love your blog an your home by the way is awesome... Marian

  4. I am a doors person too. I would leave the doors off, though, if I was stacking my vintage tablecloths in it! It's a wonderful piece & I like it white.

  5. What a beautiful find! I would prefer the doors on as I wouldn't want to look at the games all the time. I think its just a matter of personal preference tho.

  6. love it!! tell the doors goodbye, it's perfect for all your fun stuff. love the baskets!

  7. Barbara I love the new paint to this piece. It looks so pretty. I like the doors off.

  8. If the items on the bottom shelf were decorative, I would say...doors off. But I would prefer not to see the games, so I would either put them in a basket or put the doors on.

  9. PS. When I got married in 1972 this was right in style. Mediterranean was hot then.

  10. It needs doors. In regards to battleship, Perhaps it's like Night at the Museum and all the pieces come to life at night

  11. Hi Barb...I love what you have done with this piece! I say doors ON to hide the games,
    doors OFF to display something decorative. If it were me, I would stack my vintage quilts
    on one side and a pile of books topped with a piece of ironstone on the other side to give it
    a cozy feel. : )

  12. With or without the doors, I love it!

  13. I think I like the doors off so you can see all the pretty colors.

  14. Barbara I'm a bit behind today. Super find. Love the color. If the games get messy you can put the doors on


  15. Hey friend! I love your new piece! What a blessed find! Looks perfect in the new color- very up to date!!!! Personally I am a doors on kind a person, but think you should go with what you like! Just thinking of if you can play battleship with 4 people since you have 2 games???? Could be fun!
    Dee Dee

  16. Sorry Mr. RL, I think the doors need to return :^) Otherwise it is a great piece and you did a great paint job!!
    Be blessed,


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