Favorite Recipes for Cinco de Mayo ~ Mexican Pazole ~ Taco Lasagna ~ Chicken Maragrita

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, I thought I'd share with you some of my absolute favorite Mexican dishes.

This first dish I discovered when Mr. RL and myself spent a week driving through the great southwest. We were staying in Durango Colorado at the historic Strater Hotel, and this Mexican Pazole was on the breakfast buffet. It can be made with either pork or chicken and I will tell you for me it was L-O-V-E at first bite!

1-2 T. canola or vegetable oil
2 lbs. boneless pork loin roast cut into one inch cubes
flour for dredging
2 14.5 oz cans of enchilada sauce
2 15.5 oz. cans of white hominy, drained (I used Goya)
1 cup chicken or beef broth
1 medium onion chopped 
1/2 cup of canned green chilies chopped
4 cloves of garlic minced
2-3 tsp. oregano
cayenne to taste
1/3 cup fresh cilantro

Dredge meat in flour and place in pan with hot oil. Brown the meat with a good sear and then place in a 4 quart crock pot. Pour the enchilada sauce over the meat and then top with the remainder of the ingredients except the cilantro. 

Cook in crock pot on high for 6 to 7 hours. Add the cilantro and then cook for another 30 minutes. The traditional way to serve Pazole is topped with shredded cabbage, fresh avocado or guacamole and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

 And who wouldn't love the idea of a favorite Italian dish like lasagna but with a Mexican twist. This next recipe was a mega hit with the entire family the very first time I made it. It still is at the top of the list whenever I ask my crew what they'd like for dinner!

2-3 lb. ground beef or turkey ( I prefer turkey or even chicken myself)
12-16 oz. cream cheese depending on how creamy you'd like your dish.
Seasonings...chili powder, garlic, onion powder, salt & pepper, cumin and red pepper if you like it hot!
2 jars taco sauce or you can put salsa in the blender with regular tomato sauce if you don't have any taco sauce on hand
 4 cups shredded cheese or taco blend
About 14-15 lasagna noodles
1 cup of tortilla chips, crushed

1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, and then boil lasagna noodles for about 8 minutes

2) Generously season your beef and brown in a skillet. Partially melt cream cheese in microwave and then add to the ground meat and blend.

3) Spray 13×9 pan with cooking spray and then lay out your first 4 noodles lengthwise and then cut one more noodle to fit in perpendicular to the other 4 to completely cover the bottom of the baking dish. Spoon 1/2 of the beef mixture onto the pasta. Pour 1/3 of the taco sauce over the meat, and top with a third of the taco or Cheddar cheese.

4) Make another layer of noodles like the first and then add the other half of the beef, add another 1/3 of sauce, and then another 1/3 of the cheese. Top with last 3 lasagna noodles.

5) Pour the last of the taco sauce on top, then sprinkle on the last of the cheese.

6) Grab a handful of chips and crunch them up on top of the cheese.

7) Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and dish is heated through.

This last recipe is actually my own creation. One evening I wanted to make a chicken dish using white wine, but unfortunately we were out. I know WHAT...OUT OF WINE? Sad to say but it was true. So Mr. RL suggested I make a dish using something we did have, tequila, and that is exactly what I did! I think the secret to the wonderful flovor of this recipe is in the reduction of the tequila, broth and lime juice.

1/2 c. fresh cilantro, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 jalapeno pepper, minced
2 T butter
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
1 small red onion, chopped
3/4 c. chicken broth
4 T tequila
3 T lime juice
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes, un-drained
1 1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken breast
cumin, garlic and onion powder for seasoning
1/2 cup half-n-half
dash of black pepper
10 oz. fettuccine
Fresh mozzarella sliced or
cubed into small pieces

Place a pot on the stove with salted water and heat to a boil for pasta. In a deep saucepan saute the cilantro, garlic and jalapeno in 2 T of melted butter for about 3 minutes. Add the broth, tequila and lime juice and cook for another 5-8 minutes or until the mixture is reduced by half. Then you can go ahead and add the bell peppers and onion and saute until the vegetables become soft. In the meantime add the fettuccine to boiling water and cook according to package directions for pasta to be done al dante.

To prepare the chicken just rinse and pat it dry, then pound it down flat. Season the meat with a little cumin, onion and garlic powder, plus salt and pepper. I like my meat grilled so I cooked the breast on my Foreman grill, but you can also grill it on a conventional grill, just don't overcook or you will loose too much of the meat's juice. When the chicken has cooled some, cut it into bite size cube pieces.

Once vegetables are soft add the cubed chicken and cook through. Add the tomatoes and cook for 3 minutes and then stir in the half-n-half and heat through. When the sauce thickens toss with the pasta and mozzarella, season with pepper and then serve immediately. Garnish with more cilantro.

Hope you give one of these dishes a whirl whether for the 5th of May or any other old time!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



  1. They all sound fabulous, but the Chicken Margarita has my name all over it. Can't wait to give it a try.

  2. All looks yummy! I'd love to try that lasagna.

  3. The pozole looks GREAT!! It will be perfect for one evening next week, thank you so much!
    Be blessed,


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