Three More Options for Lighting Over the Kitchen Island

Hi Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!!

 I have to first say thank you to everyone who weighed in on my kitchen island light post last week. (To see last week's post click here.) I truly appreciate your taking the time to let me know your thoughts and I did take them all under advisement. Several of you felt the lantern style lights were too overwhelming hanging above the island, so I went back to the old drawing board and researched a few smaller options. I came up with three new style choices. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Remember the lights are NOT to SCALE. They could be a little smaller or larger than how they appear in the mock up. This is just a very rough idea of what they will look like.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

I really look forward to reading your comments. Believe me when I tell you they are soooooo very helpful. 

Thanks again for your time and have a wonderful day!!!



  1. I really like #3 -- different and classy, yet not overwhelming

  2. maybe the first one, I'm not sure, I'm not in love with any option, but your kitchen, omg, beautiful!

  3. I really like option 2. I can't quite tell if that option has them, but I really like the look of Edison bulbs.

  4. I agree- you get the lantern style but not the size - #3 wins my vote this second time around, too.

    I love your choices and style, Barb -they all are such awesome lights!

  5. I have a similar number two in mercury glass from Pottery Barn. Love them.

  6. # 2....black goes so well with hutch and chairs....and not as large as # 1....great picks!

  7. I vote for number 3 as well. Personally I don't like looking at a light bulb, even an Edison one so two is a no go in my book!

  8. Now you will be even more confused I bet, with so many different comments. I really really like #2. I know quite a few said #3, but I think they may be a little too much with your chandelier. Oh..did I say I really really like #2...(grin)

  9. Hi sweet Barbara! I was going to let you know that I have the lantern (the large one)style light from your last post over my breakfast table and love it! However agree that it might be alittle large for your island. Over my island I found two smaller lanterns from the Ballard Design Outlet. My favorite choices from your new batch are 2 and 3! Loving the change in your kitchen and am looking forward to seeing what you end up with! Blessings- Dee Dee

  10. Barbara, I love #1...they hav3 a presence and the black picks up the hutch and table. Nos. 2 and 3 while black, are not nearly large enough and almost get lost in the ceiling. Also, I don't believe they would provide enough lighting over the workspace. June

  11. No. 2, for sure. They seem more balanced with the chandelier.

  12. Hi Barbara. Love #2 but even though they are not to scale could they be a mite too small. # 1 looks really good size wise but if not to scale might be a bit too big. #3 I think would look a little too fancy for the classic lines of your chandy. OK, Goldilocks, what's it going to be?..xxo Judy

  13. I vote for #2 and I also like the lanterns from Lighting Direct in the previous post. They are all very pretty though!

  14. I like #2 and #1. The black goes well with the chairs and I feel like both those pendants match your other chenadelier. I think the curves of the #3 don't go with the chandelier as well.

  15. Barbara,
    I think Option #2 goes best with your overall design.
    Whatever you choose will be lovely, dear friend!
    Thanks for inquiring!

  16. Looks like my choice is outnumbered but of the three, I like #1

  17. Barbara, I vote for # 2! It works really well for the entire space!

  18. I like #2 the best! I have Edison bulbs over my island and the light they cast is beautiful. You won't make a bad choice because you're home is too lovely already!

  19. I still love the biggger ones better! Those look so small to me....i may be the only one with this opinion!? Lol


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