Christmas Tree Down!!!

OK...I have to share this with you because I am sure that I am not the only person this has happened to...yesterday afternoon as I was shooting my photos for the last post "Christmas Living Room Tour" I thought I noticed that my tree was not straight. Now for some reason, not sure if it is because I used a smaller tree stand or if it is because I hung so many heavy items like the picture frames on the tree...or possibly a combination of both, but my tree has been giving me problems in the way of not being very steady. So I decided to "fix" it all by myself.

I grabbed a little piece of cardboard and folded it 3 times and my plan was to just slip it under the tree stand in an effort to make the tree straight. Ha...my husband always says that if you want to make God laugh, make a plan. Well I'm sure he was in stitches as he or anyone else who could see into my living room, watched me try to accomplish this task. I no sooner began to tip the tree back when the whole thing came crashing down and landed on the love seat. Amazingly only one ornament broke, but most of the other ornaments as well as half of the pictures fell off. And if not to make things even worse, the dang thing tipped over yet again, this time spilling all the water out of the base and landing directly on me!

So at this point I thought what's the point, I figured I'd just wait for Chris to come home and we will put the larger base on it and I'll simply have to redecorate the tree in the morning. Now today as I began to put everything back on the tree I noticed that I was starting to like my new arrangement better than the original. I was so excited that I ran to get my camera and re shoot the pictures of my tree, but when I uploaded them this is what I saw...

Yikes was the first thing that came to mind...I couldn't believe it! Not only is it still leaning, but it's leaning worse than it was yesterday!!! I think I will send this picture to Mr. Rosemary Lane while he is at work today to let him in on the dillio. I just pray that in the meantime my "Leaning Tower of Treesa" doesn't tip over again!

Hope your day is going a little better than mine :)

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  1. Barbara, you do have pictorial evidence that at one time you had a picture perfect tree! I loved your telling of the unfortunate events and I hope you'll laugh at the incident for many Christmases to come! Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks for that! That gave me a good chuckle! And, no, you aren't the only one with tree "issues". The top ours is being held together with tape! Next year starts our tradition of a real tree. No more tape, whoo! hoo!

  3. Oh my goodness! Well, the tree is beautiful, leaning or not.
    Sharon @ mrshinesclass

  4. Oh, my goodness! That tree just does not want to cooperate. We had a tree come crashing down many years ago. We had a kitten that would climb up the trunk of the tree and just sit in it and look out. One Sunday we came home and the whole thing was on the floor and I did lose a few ornaments. What a mess. Hope your leaning tree straightens up!

  5. Your house looks beautiful...leaning tree and all!

  6. This is just a wonderful post - a great day-brightener! Not everything goes as planned but you know what - I think your tree is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the ribbon!

  7. Barbara, this is just too funny...I'm laughing so hard right now. And no, you are not the first person this has ever happened to. We usually tie up our real tree so it doesn't fall over. I actually like the leaning tree....it has lots of character!
    Marianne :)


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