Mom Always Said "Don't Play Ball in the House" and What Broke?

Here's the setup...yesterday afternoon about 4 pm Mr. Rosemary Lane and the kiddies were in the living room watching a movie on the good old T.V. At some point during the movie Michael decided that playing ball in the house with our 100 pound dog Buster was far more entertaining than what was on the T.V., so he began tossing a tennis ball to the dog from the living room into our entryway. Buster would then retrieve it and bring it back to Michael who was most likely hanging off the back of the sofa. (I know this only because it is not the first time this scenario has taken place in my home.) As for me, well I was in the kitchen diligently working on my next project to post today for all of you.

Now I have begged even pleaded with my children to not play with the dog, the ball, or more importantly the dog and the ball while in the house. But does anyone ever listen to mom? Not even poor Carol Brady was able to prevent Gregg and Peter from playing "free throws in the wastebasket" with a basketball in their bedroom. The ball ended up bouncing out of the boy's room, down the hall, hitting a stairway step and then off of the side only to end up smashing Mrs. Brady's treasured vase which sat on the living room console right next to the infamous horse statue.

So as I am in the kitchen I suddenly hear this massive crashing noise. A noise that had to last easily 30 seconds or so with the sound of moving furniture, falling objects, and glass crashing on to the floor. Honestly it sounded as if someone had pushed a burrow, mirror and all, down an entire flight of steps just to see what happens when it hit the bottom. I was startled at first but then I didn't hear the sound of any crying, and surely someone must have been injured during this colossal impact! I began to run from the kitchen through the dining room and then all of a sudden my slippers went out from under my feet and I was falling. Somehow my butt hit the floor and in front of me all I could see was the chaos that had occurred in my entryway. The buffet was pulled about a foot away from the wall with its doors opened and half of the contents dumped out onto the floor. My lamps, out of view, the candles holders I had on top of the buffet gone too. There were no bodies down, none except for my own. 

"What happened?" I screamed as I scanned the entire scene only to see the looks of astonishment on the both kid's faces. Mr. Rosemary Lane walked over to help me up explaining that somehow the dog's collar got stuck on one of the buffet's door handles. "What how could that have happened?" I asked but no reply came from any of their mouths. And as I stood there waiting for a logical explanation of how this had happened, I became painfully aware that the great toe of my left foot felt as if someone was cutting through it with a large carving knife. Next I found myself hobbling over to the sofa in an effort to get the weight off of it. Grace ran to get me some ice to put on my poor toe and gobbled up 800mg of ibuprofen to head off the worst of the pain which I knew was sure to come, and after about 40 minutes the throbbing pain in my left big toe began to subside.

Chris and the kids had cleaned up the mess and in time I had come to find out the true story of how the incident happened. So in this whole most unfortunate event only two things were broken...one of my pretty glass candle holders I just bought at Christmas time...and the proximal phalanx of my left great toe!

"Mom always said don't play ball in the house."


  1. Oh that must have hurt. I hope they learned a lesson. I think we all have had times like this only not the falling down. We had to say the same thing. Don't play ball in the house. Oh those were the days. Jope it is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh Barbara: What a shame. I'm so sorry about your toe and your candle holder. I can tell you were fond of it, What the toe or the candle holder?? Both, I'm guessing. Well, I'll not say the boring, boys will be boys, but hope this was a lesson learned. And even though I really mean I'm sorry it happened, I'm starting to laugh a little..Oh, Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Oh I am so sorry... your poor foot, ouch! My husband to this day has not lived down the time when he and his brother were playing hide and go seek and send the small china hutch, contents and all crashing to the ground... at least in your case, it can be blamed on the dog!
    dee dee

  4. Oh my what a day at your house. I hope your toe is feeling better soon.



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