We Have Buffalo in New Jersey!!!

Yes we do have buffalo in New Jersey!!! Well a buffalo farm to be more precise. It is located here in Hunterdon County and is not any further away than the YMCA for us. This weekend as part of a fundraiser, the Buffalo River Farm hosted a buffalo watch.

So today we took the kids...don't they look stoked?

Well at least cute!

And we did a tour of the farm while riding on a flatbed used for hauling hay.

Bison are born usually weighing in the neighborhood of 40lbs.

And by the time they are 4 months old their weight is somewhere around 600 lbs.
A fully grown bison weighs in at 2,000 lbs

And do you know how high an adult buffalo can jump?

They can jump 5 feet into the air...so all the fencing on the farm around the buffalo is 6 foot high.

In addition to the buffalo tour the farm also had horseback rides for the kids...

And several items to purchase and check out...

We all enjoyed a flavored honey stick...Chris and I had lemon and the kids had the watermelon flavored honey.

So we had a great time this afternoon doing something that most people never have the opportunity to do...

Go on a Buffalo Watch!
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  1. How fun! It's neat that you have such an attraction nearby. Your kids are adorable! Your hubby is very nice looking too. :-)


  2. A Buffalo watch... how very cool! I had no idea they could jump 5 feet high, I can't get my 5'3" frame a foot of the ground! thanks for sharing Barbara, enjoy the rest of your day!
    dee dee

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Oh wow! To think I also live in NJ and have nothing like this by me :)
    I live near NYC.

    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures.


  4. Barbara: Looks like you all had a good time. What a fun thing to do..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. MMMm! the honey sticks look super yummy! xx your blog is delightful - a breath of fresh air! im following it now xx

    i haven't been posting on my blog a lot this school year, but i just did and i will more this summer. i hope youll please check it out! i write about love, life and happiness :3

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  6. Hi dear Barbs,

    TY a mill for dropping by in Sweden §;-) Hope you didn't freeze here *giggles.

    Wow... you had a great family day. That's awesome day.

    Have a great mid-wee and hugs to you all.



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