Corn Doggies

To be honest I have never eaten a corn dog...well at least not that I can remember. But as of recent my kids have been on a total corn dog kick! They begged me one day last week while we were in Walmart to buy a box of frozen corn dogs. I refused them because of the price of the box. Then last Saturday we went out for lunch after Michael's first football game and what did they order...corn dogs.

So since my Gracie was home sick from school today with a little bit of a fever, I decided to make corn dogs for lunch. I researched several recipes and for the most part they strongly suggest to use a good grade hot dog. I don't really eat many hot dogs but when I do I eat Sabrett's hot dogs, but they are a bit pricey so I bought Nathan's dogs.
They were actually pretty easy to make.
Then you mix up the following to make the batter.

1/2 c. cornmeal
1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. sugar
1 T baking powder
...plus 1 tsp. salt
Then add
1/8 c. milk
1/8 c. oil
1 egg beaten

The mixture should be that of a thick pancake batter. You may want to cut back a smidge on the milk while adding it just to insure the proper texture. (If too thin the batter will all drip off of the hot dog) Dip the hot dogs in the corn batter and completely cover the dog then let residual batter drip off back into the bowl.
Heat the oil in an electric skillet to 375 degrees. If you don't have and electric pan heat oil in a deep pan until a drop of water sizzles when dropped into the oil. You may need to cut your skewers so the whole dog and stick will fit into the pan. Also make sure there is enough oil in your pan so the dogs don't rest on the bottom. And watch them because they cook quickly! They should be a golden brown when they come out of the oil. Use tongs to remove them from oil, only grasping the corn dog by the stick. Drain them on a paper bag or paper towel and Enjoy!!!
This recipe yields enough batter for 6-8 corn dogs.
Update...Michael had one of the corn dogs this evening and gave his mama's dog two thumbs up!
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  1. My grandaughter is a corn dog freak - she wants them all the time. Thanks for the recipe - I shall have to try this for her....

  2. My kids went through one of those kicks years ago. I think we bought a huge box of them from Sam's Club...lol....They do look easy to make though- xo Diana

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I hope Gracie feels better soon.

    You make them look so easy to make. I've never had a corn dog or my children. I bet they would like them.


  4. Yum, my kids would go mad for these, I eat them once a year at our state show


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