How to Make Chocolate Curls

First of all Happy Fall to you all as it arrives tomorrow about mid-morning!!! Ah I just love this time of the year with the air becoming cooler and the leaves changing and falling off the trees. Time to start making your favorite chilies and stews, and for me to start doing a bit more in the way of baking.
Well you know how you see all those wonderful cakes in the bakery, or these days in grocery stores like Wegmans, and they have the most beautiful chocolate curls on top...wouldn't you love to decorate your next dessert with some of your own homemade chocolate curls? I know I would, so I googled a few ways of making these curls and the technique I decided to try I found over at the blog The Tasty Kitchen.
Now let's see how The Tasty Kitchen went about making these pretty little curls.

First off you need some dark or semi-sweet chocolate, and a tablespoon of shortening. I used 3 ounces of chocolate.
Put it in a microwave safe dish and pop into the microwave for about 30 seconds. (If you keep your shortening in the frig like I do you may need to nuc it for another 10 - 20 seconds.) Stir it with a fork until smooth and then pour the chocolate out onto the back of a baking sheet.
Spread the chocolate out as thin as possible on the baking sheet (This is the key to this technique according to The Tasty Kitchen.)and then pop it into the freezer for 2 minutes.
Pull it out and let stand for a minute or two. Then with the back of a pancake flipper, start to roll the chocolate. If the chocolate breaks and crumbles it means that the chocolate is too cold, so just let it sit a little longer and try again. On the other hand if the chocolate stops curling up it may be too warm, so just throw it back into the freezer for another minute and try again.
Use what you need and then put the remainder into a zip-lock baggie and keep in the freezer until you want to use them again.
Now what am I going to make that I can garnish with my fancy chocolate curls?
Better yet what would you make? I'd love to know!!! :D
Have a great weekend all!!!
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  1. Hi Barbara. I saw this done on the Barefoot Contessa but never tried it. My ideal would be a devil's food cake, with whipped cream as frosting and the curls. Oh boy! Would be pretty AND taste good..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. I wonder if they ship well? Hee Hee
    I am planning a pre Homecoming Dance dinner for my daughter and some of her friends.... will have to try this!
    dee dee


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