Easy + Decorative Over-the-Door Shelf

As you already know I love to decorate, and the more surfaces I have to adorn the happier a camper I am. After Mr. Rosemary Lane put up my new kitchen drapes, it felt like there should be something in the space above them. I thought about placing artwork above the curtain rod, or maybe stenciling, or possibly more plates.

But none of that seemed right to me. Then I had the idea of a shelf, but wasn't sure how to execute it easily. So I Googled "over the door/window shelf" and came across this image.

(Source unknown)

I purchased two rod brackets with flat tops at Lowes for $25. Then Mr. Rosemary Lane picked up a 6" X 8' primed board for roughly $12 and it fit perfectly on top of the brackets. All we did was secure the shelf to the brackets with a little wood glue. This could not have been easier and I love the way it looks!

For just under $40 I now have a great space to display seasonal garlands, fun treasures and collectibles.

So what do you think? I know I am just tickled with it. Not only is the shelf supplying a new surface for my decorating needs, but it also adds some really nice architectural interest to the kitchen. (To see my entire Kitchen just click here.)

What would you display on a shelf like this? I would love to hear your ideas!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!
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  1. Barbara I love it!! My dad made so many of those for my mom. She had them over some of the large windows in their house.
    Pretty display!

  2. Barbara, this is the cutest thing ever! The two of you are quite the team! It looks so pretty all decorated for fall! Oh, I bet you have ideas swirling for the holidays!

  3. Oh, I LOVE it! Of coarse, I love the fall decor on it. You can do something for every season. You may have just started a new trend.

  4. What a wonderful idea. It looks so pretty and of course you have staged it beautifully.

  5. It's a great idea. I had my hubby make them for over our bedroom windows at our last home. Just make sure nobody slams the door and a pumpkin comes tumbling down. Love the display!

  6. Such a great idea, I love it! I love all your fall decor, and my new love is buffalo checks!! I really think because of you! xo

  7. Oh Barbara that is one clever idea. Your shelf looks fabulous!

  8. Barbara... this is such a fabulous idea... and so easy... and really decorative! Great post!!!!
    I love your black and white check curtains with your festive fall decor!

  9. It all looks so lovely and I am really digging your plaid curtains! Thanx for partying at THT!

  10. I love the shelf over the windows, and your black and white checked curtains.

  11. Barbara, this is so clever and I like the unique way the curtain rod goes through. As you probably know, I have a shelf over my kitchen window and one over the door, but could I think of taking everything down and doing a harvest collection on them...NO!!! But you just wait for Christmas!!..It really turned out great..Happy Thursday..Judy

  12. Barbara,
    It just add the perfect amount of decor space above your sliders! I look forward to see all your decor for the different seasons! so gifted!
    dee dee

  13. I MUST put this on the Headmaster's agenda for spring! I just found you through Stone Gable, and am your newest follower!

  14. See? You did a really great job here, Barbara. This design complimented your curtain and your beautiful glass door really well. I can see why you love decorating so much. You’re just simply good at it. =)

    Li Ayers

  15. What a great idea! I love your blog and all the ideas you bring! Am going to do this in my kitchen! Love it! Ana

  16. My wife will love this! That is such a smart idea to put a shelf above your curtain rods! Plus you can decorate it according to the seasons and holidays! Very smart idea. My wife has been looking to buy decorative shelves so she can decorate it for the fall season but maybe I'll show her this first. Thanks!

  17. Love the shelf over your patio door. I see this project in the future for my patio doors. Love your rooster plates too.

  18. I love what you've done with this I've been looking for a place to buy decorative shelves. So thank you for the blog.

  19. Thanks for all this, I see you work hard on giving us actual relevant information.
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  20. Put these in my kitchen along with an outlet and switch. We decorate it for each season and with the miniature lights it looks so wonderful.

  21. Where did you find the wood sconces that the shelf is on?

    1. Hi Kelley,...I actually found it at either Home Depot or Lowes. It wasn't that expensive if I remember correctly. Maybe $25.00 or so.
      XO Barbara

  22. I love the design. I just can't find the curtains. Where did you get them?

  23. I was in search of an above-patio door and above any door shelf. I found yours. FABULOUS. I was even more motivated so off to Lowes I went to find the flat wooden/plastic curtain brackets. They have none. Help? I'm stuck now in doing this project. Please redirect me as to where I can find the flat brackets.

  24. Wanted a shelf above patio door, went searching and found yours. It is FABULOUS. I want it even more now. Off to Lowes I went to find the flat curtain brackets. There were none. I feel stuck. Please redirect me. Deb


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