Another Peek at 1961 thru the Pages of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

A few months back I published a post highlighting some old Better Homes and Gardens magazines I collected from the year 1961! This post was a lot fun to create and it received so many comments from you tail end baby boomers, that I decided to do another post featuring the issues from October and November of 1961. Why am I collecting magazines from 1961 you may ask...well that happens to be the year in which yours truly was born. (To see my first post on the BH & G magazines just click here.)
Let's start with looking at a few ads. Here's one for extension phones from good o'l Ma Bell. We've come a long way baby!
My dad use to smoke these...before Surgeon General warnings!
Top of the line elegance for 1962!!!

Gosh this brings back memories! We always had a grapefruit before Thanksgiving dinner...I wonder why it was so popular back then?

So instant mashed potatoes have been around a lot longer than I gave them credit for!
Now let's take a look at some home decor from 51 years ago.
How about this little girl's room? Gotta love that little baby coach!
This kitchen is pretty snazzy...but take a close look at the shelf behind mom, see the two sock monkeys? They are a lot older than I thought!
Love the cabinets!
Did white brick ever really go out of style?
 Notice the magazine storage on the coffee table...I think it's a pretty neat idea!
Here's something that I've always loved but just don't see anymore...Waldorf salad!
How about these painted pumpkins? Can you believe that the description of the pumpkin on your far left read...
"The irate Indian has a paper feather and a steel wool scalp. Peanut eyes give him a cross-eyed look. (An arrow through the cranium is apt to make anyone cross-eyed)"
My My how the times have changed!
Hope you enjoyed the little trip back to the way the world was 51 years ago! I wonder what people will think 50 years from now of our world in 2012!
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  1. This was so interesting, Barbara. Now I want to search for magazines published in 1954 ;-) just sayin'...... xo

  2. Wow, this is so cool! Funny how some things never go out of style! Did you notice the copper pots hanging on the wall?? Love it!

  3. Great idea for a post! We think that times are so different, but in many ways they stay the same.

  4. Hi Barbara, what fun! I think I must have missed your first post. In the pic with the white brick fireplace, is the exact same couch that we had when we were first married. Danish Modern. What a memory, it was orange too. I paired it with turquoise. What a decorator!!.Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. So much has changed in 51 years. The pictures bring back good memories. My grandfather had that car. My mother always served us pink grapefruit every Thanksgiving.

  6. What fun! I love the kitchen, it would look good even today. The potato pie doesn't look very appetizing though!

  7. I am excited to read about your blog.I wish to go back for 1961.Thanks for the post.

  8. How awesome! I was born in 1960 so I love this sort of thing! new follower


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