My First Time at Hobby Lobby!

I finally made it to the new Hobby Lobby in South Plainfield today with my gal pal Peggy, and you all were right, that place is amazing!!! I went there with my first priority being to purchase fabric for my kitchen chairs, and although they had lots of beautiful prints, nothing struck me as just right for the kitchen. So Pegs and I moved on to check out the entire place. We must have roamed around that massive store for well over an hour just oooohing an aaaaahing as there were so many beautiful items to look at. The fabric thing didn't work for me today but I did end up buying something that really caught my eye...(since I've recently been doing a little more shopping than usual I decided it was best to hold myself back and only purchase one item)...and here he is!!!
Isn't he handsome?

Yep...he is going to be living in my kitchen...where else?
Mr. Rooster was originally $44.95 but was on sale for 50% off which brought him down to a cool $22.50. Then after adding on the tax the final cost came to a whopping $24.06. AND the best part...I had a Visa gift card with me in the amount of $25, so the final cost to me was ZIPPO!
 I held back REAL good today wouldn't you say? :D
I plan to go back and start my Christmas shopping there sometime this month. I think Hobby Lobby is my new favorite store!!
What is the best thing you ever bought at Hobby Lobby? I would love to know!!!
Ciao 4 Now!!


  1. OMG! i did'nt know you lived in nj. i live right in piscataway and i go to that hobby lobby. that is so funny that i just featured your chair and now i read this. maybe ill run into you sometime!

  2. Wow! He's cute...and the only thing you came away with?! Now, that's what I call restraint!! LOL!!! I don't think I have ever come out empty-handed. I get most of my accessories and holiday decor from there!

  3. Love the roo, but let me tell you about hobby lobby....it is very, very addictive, there is no cure, and it will get you in lots of trouble! I LOVE it.

  4. You go Girl!!! Smart shopper!! Watch for those specials and don't get caught up. They have a letter online where you can print out 40% coupon.

  5. Good for you, Barbara. I am so happy to have one closer to me than Nazareth, PA. I bought an iron cross for the wall, a rack to display dishes, some hooks (haven't hung them yet), Christmas cards last year, fabric for Halloween to make a small square cloth (should be in an upcoming post.) Scrapbook papers, markers, letters. A table for my hallway, I love that place. They also own Chick-Fil-A, is there one nearby? xo

  6. So glad you got to go! I love Hobby Lobby and sometimes I just go there for inspiration!

  7. wow!!! Mr. Roster is really handsome... most interesting was that you spent $ 0 for Mr. Rooster.. :)...
    very nice


  8. I have a rooster in my kitchen from Hobby Lobby. I love that store. It's addictive.

  9. Dear Barbara,

    The thing I love the most about you is that you are such a "real person." Everything you do and share could be done by those of us who are just a regular person. Thanks so much----I can relate to almost everything you share.

    Another Barbara, known as Bobbie

  10. Barbara,
    We have several Hobby Lobby's in the area and they are always full of great decor items too! Love your new addition to you kitchen! I second that free is best!
    dee dee

  11. I was reading your Christmas post at the Tablescaper linky party when your rooster caught my eye. I clicked to see more, plus I'm a Hobby Lobby addict! Love the rooster, and I have scored many wonderful things there...I have sworn off HL until spring since I have been there at least 6 times lately buying Christmas stuff I didn't need. That 50% off deal really gets me!


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