November 28, 2012

Another Festive Topiary

Ok I will admit it...I am on a huge topiary kick this year, I just think there is something regal about them. I also really like to create decorations from simple items I find outside and around my home. A few days ago I made a floor topiary using a tomato cage, to place outside my front door. To see that post click here. Today I created this really simple tabletop topiary with some boxwood, a 97 cent galvanized bucket and spherical floral foam or oasis.
STEP ONE:  Cut a piece of the stiff dry floral foam the height of your container. Force the foam into the container. If you want, place a piece or two of floral tape over top of the foam to secure it in place.
STEP TWO: Find a straight twig and force it into the dry floral foam.
STEP THREE: Begin to add the sprigs of boxwood to your floral sphere. (Before using this foam soak it on water for about 5 minutes.) I put the sprigs in the sphere starting at 4 points opposite one another to ensure an even look to my topiary.
STEP FOUR: Spear cranberries with toothpicks and poke into the topiary sphere.
STEP FIVE: Push the boxwood sphere onto the end of the twig. Push until the sphere is halfway onto the twig. Then tie a piece of ribbon to the twig...
...and you have your finished topiary! I went ahead and made a second one for display in the....well you'll just have to stop back to find out where I decided to put these pretty little topiaries!!!
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  1. I just love topiaries. Yours are beautiful!

  2. You're on a roll with the topiaries! This one is beautiful, as well. I may have to create one this year!

  3. Barbara, I LOVE topiaries. Yours are wonderful! xo Diana

  4. I have a boxwood or two out front,,might try this one myself..thanks for sharing it is gorgeous. by the way,,how long do they last?

  5. Love it!! Can't wait to make one...two:)

  6. That is so cool! It looks like fun. Nice job!


  7. I'm making a few of these to decorate my dining room table!!! What a great tutorial. Thanks for joining TUTORIAL TIPS AND TIDBITS!!!


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