February 8, 2013

Dishware Collection Inspired by Jana Fayne Kolpen's French Fable ~ The Secrets of Pistoulet

I just had to share with you this beautiful dinnerware from Pfatzgraff. It is their Pistoulet collection and this year it is celebrating it's 10th anniversary.
The pattern itself is based on the book The Secrets of Pistoulet: A Fable of Food, Magic and Love, by author, artist and designer Jana Fayne Kolpen. The story in this 1996 publication takes place in the remote southwest French countryside, where there is a very special farm known as Pistoulet. This charming little book is said to be part fiction and part cookbook, along with being beautifully illustrated.
In 2002 the Pfaltgraff Company licensed all of Kolpen's art and books and began creating a series of dinnerware collections based on her work.
These French inspired collections have proven to be two of Pfaltzgraff's top selling patterns. (Kolpen's book Dancing with the Moon inspired Pfaltzgraff's Villa della Luna tableware collection.)
I am so intrigued by this beautiful dinnerware and the story behind it that I ordered Kolpen's book from Barnes & Noble and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.


  1. Never knew that this pattern was based on a book. I want to read it and the moon one, too. Are you ready for the next "storm of the century"? I'm not. :( xo

  2. I have these dishes. As soon as I saw them appearing in the department stores I fell in love with them.

  3. I never saw these dishes and I learned something new today. Thank you for sharing. They are very beautiful and have that FRench country look.

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Lovely dinnerware, so much colour, beautiful!
    The little covered bunny is so sweet.
    All the Best,


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