For the Love of Green and White~ Contemplating a New Look for Our Master Bedroom

OK...every year I say this and it never happens...I really want to spruce up our master bedroom. The emphasis being on the word REALLY! I mean it...fresh paint, replacing our tired old curtains, and buying new bed linens! Over the years our bedroom has been a chameleon of colors, from apple green to romantic pink, to the current neutral color of a light beige. This color, quite frankly, has not only grown very old on me but also filthy dirty from our four legged friend el Busto! (He sleeps with his 4 giant paws on the wall!)
So yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, nothing serious just a routine blood pressure screen, and afterwards I decided to shoot on over to the nearby Home Goods store and check out their newly stocked spring merchandise. As I was milling around this enormous Home Goods (love it) I came upon this pretty green and white Laura Ashley quilt for only $39.99. What a steal for a queen sized bed!  Suddenly I became madly in love with the idea of our bedroom being drenched in tones of green with a background of bright white...now this became my new mission. I managed to pick up some 600 count sheets (yeah) and 3 coordinating bed pillows in both a soothing grassy green and crispy white.

As result of yesterday's shopping spree, I ended up spending most of the morning today hunting for inspiration on the internet. Here are a few spaces I came across which totally inspire me.

Country living

Coastal Living


House Beautiful

 To me green is classically fresh in addition to being able to produce a feeling of calm. Green, the color which represents nature best, is supposedly the most popular color in decorating. And did you know that green is the color which is the easiest for the human eye to see? It is also said that green can actually improve vision. While I am not sure if there is enough medical evidence to support that claim, I would buy into the fact that since it is the easiest color for your eye to focus on, the color green could have a role in reducing eye strain.

So as Mr. Rosemary Lane continues to plug along with his mantel project in the living room, I will be beginning the task of choosing a new color for our bedroom walls. I just can't wait to see how this room turns out!

Wishing you all a wonderful President's Day weekend!

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  1. I LOVE green and use it in every room!! Love your pretty new bedding Barbara, it's going to look beautiful all put together!

  2. I have that same green and white quilt with the shams to match. its so spring. and I use it with a salmon rose colored quilt. right now the winter tweed and floral is on the bed. the curtains I use all year round. This is going to be gorgeous when you get it done

  3. I love that color and I'm drawn to it more and more these days, I always called it kelly green. Was at Target today and was looking at two pillows that were that color, almost bought them:) I love your bedding, I was looking at that too but mine is brandnew so don't really need one.
    Your bedroom is going to be just lovely and I can't wait to see the full reveal of it!

  4. Gorgeous! I love those colors and you got a steal with the quilt. I am a quilter heading to a new fabric shop tomorrow and I just may look for green. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  5. I've always loved the fresh combination of green and white. You can't go wrong. Do you read Tuesday's With Dorie? Her whole house is green and white. You might find inspiration there.


  6. I love green - my kitchen/dining room color. I love it so much I even chose my counter top in that shade. xo

  7. I can't wait to see how it turns out too!Love the color choices of white and green and Home Goods is so awesome! The first time I went in there I walked around gasping, ohhing and ahhing LOL! I was like a little kid on Christmas! Have fun! Hugs, Leena

  8. Can't wait to see how this turns out! I love your inspiration photos and that new quilt is beautiful!
    dee dee

  9. Oh that comforter is sssooooooooo beautiful, just love it!! and what a great price. I think green and white are so lovely and calming together. Green is my favorite color and I have used it throughout my home. I always say it must have been God's favorite too as he made so much of it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, I know it will be wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing. Linda

  10. Hi Barbara! I just found your page at the Cheerios & Lattes and I'm so glad I did--I love your style and am always in need of decorating tips and inspiration. So nice to "meet" you :)

  11. Wow, Barbara. You are going to town and it is going to be so pretty. I love that comforter. I'm going tomorrow, so hope I'm as lucky as you. OK I set up my header and it was pretty easy. I stumbled a few times, but after figuring it out I could tell it was just me and the instructions are so good. The only problem is when I put it on the blog in the gadget place, I can't get it to go up to the header space. Do I have to take my old header off before I put the new one up? I was afraid to try it in case that wasn't right and I would lose everything..Happy Weekend..Judy

  12. Barbara, I love white and spring green together. That colour combination will definitely give you the light, fresh feeling you're looking for! Can't wait to see the room when it's finished!
    ~ Wendi xo

  13. Your bedroom is going to be gorgeous- I have always loved green in all its many hues. I really love Laura Ashley's fabrics, too. Can't wait to see it done- xo Diana

  14. I love spring green! It is refreshing and calming at the same time! I am contemplating a change in our bedroom as well - ripping up carpet, built in bookshelves and a change in the color scheme...the green and white sound wonderful to me too!

  15. Oh what inspirational pictures. Love the Laura Ashley covers!!

  16. I absolutely love the linens you chose for your bedroom! Green is one of my favorite colors, pink is the other one and sometimes both at the same time. The green and white theme will be such a clean refreshing look. I understand the four legged problem. I have four indoor small dogs but they can be just as messy as a large dog. I look forward to following along as you decorate. I am in the process of redoing several rooms at my home and need lots of ideas.

  17. Lot's of inspiration there, love the pineapples! Your bedding will look amazing, how exciting!!!

  18. Perfect time of the year for a new look. Greens and whites provide such a crisp, clean, fresh look. I know your room will turn out simply lovely.
    Mary Alice

  19. My daughter has different bed linens, curtains, accessories (including 2 sets of lamp shades) and sheets for different seasons! That way, she never gets bored. Bed linens and curtains in a metallic taupe/eggshell during the winter (with chocolate or taupe sheets) eggshell/fresh green linen pillows in the summer, with eggshell woven cotton blankets, dust ruffle and coverlet (green or navy sheets) for a change. It sounds like a lot, but it's really just two bed sets and different colored sheets. Still, she never gets bored. Her art goes either way, but if she were to acquire more, that'd be ok, too. She of course keeps neutral walls; typical 24-year-old!


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