St. Valentine's Day Gift Cone with Tutorial

I love St. Valentine's Day...it is just what the month of February needs. And for some reason this is the time of year I feel like getting crafty, especially with paper!

So today I made these sweet little gift cones for Mr. Rosemary Lane and the kids.

The items you need to do this craft includes...

4 1/2 feet of 1 1/2 in ribbon

4 1/2 feet of one inch ribbon
color tissue paper

To start, fold your craft paper on the diagonal and make a firm crease. Smoothing out the paper, glue around the perimeter of the paper at about a 1/4 in from the edges so the glue doesn't leak out. Holding the paper with the creased side up, fold the paper on itself to create a conical shape and secure it with a paper clip. (You will have two ears poking up at the top.)

Next glue the outside edge of the paper onto itself so that the cone shape stays in place. This is where you will need your hole puncher. Hold you cone looking at the back side, slip your hole puncher in on a diagonal and punch 2 holes close to one another to create a nice size hole, about 1/3 to 1/2 inch. It will need to be wide enough to thread two pieces of ribbon through. repeat on the opposite side.
Lay your ribbon  out on a flat surface and then place one piece on top of the other. Thread both pieces through the hole starting on the inside of the cone through to the back and then thread it through the next hole from back to front.

Making sure your ribbon is even on both sides, tie a bow approximately 5-6 inches above the cone. You may need to fiddle with the ribbon a lttle bit to make it looks nice. Finally tuck in a quarter of a sheet of tissue and you are ready to fill your cone with your gift(s).

Surprising the hubtser and kiddies with gifts of candy for the boys and a pretty little heart necklace for Grace.

Only 9 more days until St. Valentine's day...what do you have ready to shower on your loved ones?


 Note: Found this craft at the website Insightful Nana

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  1. Barbara, you are so sweet! Those are so pretty and I bet all will be happily satisfied with theirs. I made some to hang on the Christmas tree a couple of years ago, minus the treats. I am trying to get caught up with all the projects that I've started and never seem to quite finish. How old do you have to be to learn good habits??!!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. These are so sweet and very Victorian. Thank you for posting a tutorial. I need to find some pretty papers and ribbon!

  3. Very sweet indeed! I hope I have tine to make a few too.

  4. Barbara, these are darling. I have such a busy week. If I had more time I would make them for all of my grandies. I will be pinning and making them next year or maybe for the 4th of July. Your hubby and kids will love them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. How very sweet Barbara! And such a nice idea for almost any holiday. Oh heck, who even needs a holiday!

  6. Hi Barbara,
    I am featuring you on my 'showing a little love' challenge today.

  7. We added this to our latest round up because this is so awesome (and easy to make!)

  8. So easy to make but looks great! This can be a Valentines Day equivalent of a stocking, doncha think?


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