Singing the Home Improvement Blues...

  ( kinda to the tune of Thorogood's Bad to the Bone)
I'm sittin' in my room,
 with color swatches all about...
Wish good old Ben Moore,
 would come help me out.
There are so many choices,
I ain't got a clue
 Ma thoughts are a fly'n...
It's the home improvement blues.
 Mr. RL is still work'n
 on his mantel so new.
How long this project gonna take? 
He ain't gotta clue.
He'd get it right
and then a snafu,
what will poor Mr. Rosemary Lane,
 finally do?
I'm sitting here singing,
the home improvement blues...

I've got inspiration
from magazines and the net...
Just hope my creativity
 won't drop me flet.
Swatches spread out
from here to there,
Fingers clasped on my head,
OMG is that my hair?

Oh...I've so got the home improvement blues.

I'm at my laptop singing,
 the home improvement blues.
You don't know how much
 I just want it to click,
to get it all done
without making ma self sick...

Pull yourself together girl,
cause you ain't alone...
you've got Mr. Rosemary Lane
and together you're
 Bad to the Bone!!!

B-B-B-B Bad

B-B-B-B Bad

B-B-B-B Bad

Bad to the Bone!!!!
(I feel better now)

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  1. This was so cute. It will all get done, Barbara, Mr. R L is a perfectionist. xo

  2. LOL-I feel better now, too. I am smiling right out loud- Cute-cute-cute-xo Diana

  3. Hysterical!! We know your brain is still working right now. :)

  4. You are SO funny! I feel the same way right now!!

    Have you ever heard of the website Letschipit.com? You can download a picture of your room, fabric, whatever, and they will match up paint chips to it, all computerized. I had so much fun with it, I did every room! Let me know if you like it.


  5. At least you are getting something done, however slowly. We can't even get started because improvements cost money, and we have none!

  6. Hi Barbara. I'm snickering here just a little bit. It's kind of good to see someone else having decision problems. So it's not just me all the time. Don't worry, soul sista, it will get done and it will be bootefull. I have great faith in you..Happy Sunday..Judy

  7. Hi Barbara, me again. I tried to e-mail you but it came back to me. I thought maybe I had deleted your answer to me about the header question by mistake..Happy Sunday..Judy

  8. Hi Barbara, I've just discovered your blog :) very nice! First of all I thought only my husband tucked his shirt into his sweat pants LOL!!! It's fashionable :) I understand the creative blues and block that you have here's hoping to a break through real soon. I'll be back soon to check on your progress.

  9. LOL! Too funny! Just go with your gut and Get Er Done! LOL Good luck! Hugs, Leena


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