Rush Placemats for Spring

Yesterday I had an appointment to meet with a realtor at a house he is listing and wants me to stage. The property was located in an area unfamiliar to me, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got off the main highway to find myself driving past several darling gift boutiques, markets and flower shops. I made a mental note to check out one of these little stores before getting back on the highway to go home.

 I stopped at one shop and milled around it just oooing and ahhhhing over all the candles, serving dishes, scarfs, baby clothes and so on, and then I came across these pretty Rush placemats.

Just perfect for spring! I have similar mats in a darker color and always loved them, so I was thrilled to find something like them in a lighter color.

The cost...well wasn't my normal Bargain Basement Barb finds but still I thought the price was pretty reasonable...$38 for 6 placemats. Compared to the placemats I fell in love with at Pottery Barn which sold for $14.99 each, I thought these were a steal.
The name of the gift shop..."The Depot"...and it is located on Mt. Kemble Ave. in Morristown NJ.


  1. Another one to add to my growing list of shops to check out as recommended by BC! How exciting to stage a home for a realtor, he made an excellent choice. Wish you could share photos ;-) xo

  2. Oh Barbara, these are charming -- I would love to have some!! They definitely say "spring," and I'm sure you'll set some lovely tables with these.

    I've been meaning to stop by and tell you that I followed your tutorial a few weeks ago about how to make a header for your blog in Pikmonkey. I LOVE this tutorial!! It was very clear and easy to follow, and I'm so happy with my new header. If you'd like to see the results, you can stop by my blog, House at Forest Manor.blogspot.com. Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial with us. :)

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. we stopped in Morristown on the way home from a business trip...somehow we only saw Washington's headquarters and never found the town..must have been in the opposite direction. Loved the houses around the headquarters :)

  4. I just saw some similar placemats at PB outlet and they were $12.00 a piece!You got a bargain and they are very very pretty. I didn't know you staged homes... I have thought about doing this from time to time... your staged homes must be glorious!

  5. Yes you must share your homes you stage. We love looking other peoples homes.
    Cute rush placemats! Do you just love it when you happen upon new quaint stores.

  6. I love them Barbara!! I have the ones from PB, they're rectangular and I'm NOT that crazy about them! They're not smooth like the ones you just bought, you can't even put a glass on them in fear of it tipping over.

  7. Barbara, these are great! Yeah, I've seen the ones at PB...yikes! Yours are perfect and that was a great price! These were a great find!

  8. Hi Barbara. What a pretty find. I know you will have one of the prettiest spring tablescapes around. How exciting to stage a house. Do you do this often? I hope you tell us all about it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. It’s always the simplest of things that have the most impact! Great post :)


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