Darling Ribbon Cupcake...

St. Valentine's day is almost here and I have to say that despite my proclamation of not being a crafty person...I do have to admit that I had a lot of fun making the few V-day crafts you've all seen posted here at 21 Rosemary Lane.

So I have one more craft to show you and then I am hanging up my crafting hat for awhile. I have a garage full of projects that I've been putting off doing because of the "cold weather". Plus I also have some inside painting on my "To Do" list that needs to be tackled
Just to fill you in on how the idea came about for this little cupcake craft, I actually found it in all places, a crafting magazine. I had  purchased the magazine and then some how managed to misplace it. ( Story of my life...) I bought the magazine specifically to make this pretty little cupcake, so when I realized that it was M.I.A. I had to approach it from complete memory.

What I used to make this cupcake was...

2 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball
Grosgrain ribbon 5/8 width
White rick rack
Chiffon Ruffle ribbon
2 paper baking cups, not separated
Long pearl top pins
White top sewing pins
Some small white buttons
And finally I made a circle out of card stock the diameter of the bottom of my baking cup

And a littl' bit o' love!!
I began by taking two pieces of the grosgrain ribbon about 6 inches in length, and wrapping them around the Styrofoam ball so that they criss-crossed and left 4 equal quarters of white Styrofoam exposed.  I secured each piece of ribbon with a pin.

Then I cut about 8 three inch long pieces of the grosgrain and slightly overlapping, I covered the rest of the Styrofoam securing each end of  the pieces of ribbon with a pin. Then taking 2 three inch pieces of the rick-rack, I again crisscrossed them at the tip of the ball and secured them with a pin on each end.

Next I placed the card stock circle in the baking cup and carefully pinned the cup to the ball. (I used white pins since the baking cup is mostly white.) Once the two were pinned together I took the chiffon ribbon and twisted and pinned it it as I wrapped it around the ball right at the top of the baking cup. Finally I took 4 two inch long pieces of the grosgrain ribbon and folded each one in half lengthwise as I was working with it. I folded down a tiny portion at one end of the ribbon and pushed one pearl top pin through the fold. Then in accordion fashion, I folded the rest of the ribbon on to the pin and pushed into the top of the ball.

I repeated this process with the other 3 pieces of ribbon. Then I added the buttons using both white top pins and the pearl top pins and was done!

I know this tutorial is a bit more involved than any before, but to be honest, I had to play with the grosgrain ribbon for a while before I got it to look the way I wanted. But hey I didn't have the book so it was a bit of trial and error on my part.

Overall I think my little ribbon cupcake came out just darling!

Have a wonderfuilly creative week!

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  1. This cupcake is darling. I am going to have to try making this one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a sweet idea! So perfect for displaying instead of the real ones. Less calories, too! : )


  3. Its adorable. Good for you. I too am not crafty, so I am always blown away when I try something and I have that 'Martha Moment' and so pleased with myself. Thanks for sharing, I am going to give this a go, I will let you know. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Ahhhhhh this is such a sweet idea!
    great crafting.... dee dee

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!!! This it SO totally adorable!!! Thank you so much for linking this up!!!

  6. Wow Barbara! That is too cute. Those would be perfect for any occasion.

  7. You constantly amaze me!! I love the cupcake!! You did a TERRIFIC job!!

    Thanks for linking up at The DIY Dreamer :)

  8. How cute! I might have to "pin" this one on pinterest! get it? haha

  9. Love it! Thanks for sharing Barbara! I just posted it on my FB page!

  10. That is so cute. So glad you shared it.

  11. Oh, that is insanely adorable and I really like the calorie count on this cupcake. Thanks for sharing at our Party.


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