God Knows what He is Doing and A Sneak Peek at My Next Painted Furniture Project

Last Sunday was my first Sunday to volunteer in our church's gift shop. The shop itself is located in the basement of a building which lies adjacent to the church. It has a lot of beautiful items which are sold at incredibly low prices. The only trouble with the shop is that it's ahh, hate to say, it kinda looks...well it does look rather dumpy!

In talking with the gal who runs the shop I found out that they are planning to spruce it up in the coming months with paint and some newer used displays.  All I thought was God put me here for a reason because this is sooooo up my proverbial alley! Anyway they had these card stands which are probably older than me if you can imagine that, and the gal in charge was going to toss them out. But being of the "don't throw that away we can make it better" mentality, I immediately volunteered to paint these sad forgotten relics and give them new life!

Here's what I brought home to paint...

 I told you these things were ancient...

And look how dirty they were. Yuuuuk!!! I literally had to give them a bath in the tub to clean them up!

So with 2 cans of my trusty spray paint I was able to transform them into up-to-the-minute and stylish black card racks. I used Krylon's Dual paint in a glossy black which is both paint and a primer, and can be used on metal.

Don't the girls look just lovely decked out in basic black?

I can't wait to bring them back this Sunday to see what everyone thinks. It always amazes me at what a little paint can do!

Now here's a quick peek at  my next painted furniture project. I bought this desk for twenty bucks two years ago and it has been sitting in my garage ever since.

I plan to keep the top a natural matte and then make my own chalk paint using calcium carbonate in regular latex paint.

I ended up buying the calcium carbonate from Amazon.com. The cost was $8.26 per 12 oz. container so I bought 2 because I lucked out and received one of Amazon's special $10 gift certificate discounts. My total cost here was $12.69 including both shipping and handling.

I'm very excited to get started on this desk...I'm looking at beginning tomorrow as long as the weather is nice!

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  1. Barbara: Those card stands look spiffy. The church ladies will be impressed. I'm not familiar with chalk paint so am looking forward to your handiwork. Sure it will be beautiful..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Barbara,
    It looks like God had you in the right place at the right time! There is not much better than to be able to use your talents in His kingdom! You are blessed! The stands came out fantastic! I once had a desk very similar to yours, I can't wait to the the afters!
    dee dee

  3. Cant wait to see the piece when its done! Be sure to share with us all!


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