Photography Tip Thursday # 8 ~ My Final Five Photograph Choices

First of all let me give a big shout out to all of my Bloggy and Facebook friends for your active participation in helping me select the final five photographs for last night's straight photography presentation. You all were truly very helpful and I have to say extremely consistent in your choices!

So with that being said...here are my final five in order of popularity...

And my personal favorite...

All in all avery good collection! My presentation went well and I should get my final grade in the next couple weeks.

Last evening after the presentation and critiquing of all student photos, we went on to do some Photoshop projects of which I must say, Photoshop not only eludes me but also stresses me out to no end! For any of you who have ever worked with Photoshop you know that it can help you produce some amazing images but...and a big but at that...it is also something you really need to work with a lot to be proficient, you can't just sit down and do it. There is no self teaching due to the fact that the format really does have a language all of it's own, and that language takes some time to learn!

So my next assignment is to create a photo landscape alternative and yes...I will have to work with Photoshop in order to create my picture. Most likely I'll also need a tranquilizer or two and bring a big flask with me to class to help me get through this one. Although I have plenty of ideas for this assignment, I technically feel incredibly innept as far as executing them in the Photoshop format.

Well I have a little time anyway! I just may have to talk Mr. Rosemary Lane into purchasing one of the less expensive Photoshop packages so I have something to play with. Mmmm...maybe it can be an early Mother's Day gift from the kids!!!

Have a great week and to all of you who gave me your input yesterday...thank you so very much!


  1. Glad to help out but you didn't make it easy as there were so many I liked! I have never used nor do i have photoshop...I'm going to order a book on photograpy and one on blogging...hopefully that will help me! LOL. Have a great day!

  2. Barbara: I did pretty good. Two out of five ain't bad. Good luck with Photoshop. I checked it out and then went with Picasa. You are right it was very intimadating, but I have faith you will master it. Anxious to hear your grade. That red barn was my very favorite..Happy Thursday..Judy


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