Our Homemade Peg and Pin Board

As you may remember, we are in the process of creating a command center in our kitchen to handle all of the new school year's paperwork and kid related information. And the one thing every "command central" needs is
a good sized pin board. I really love the this fabric covered pin board from Pottery Barn...

But alas the cost of their lovely pin board is not in our budget. So instead Mr. Rosemary Lane and myself decided to create our own from materials we already had lying around the house.
We started with an old cork board which use to be in the kid's playroom. It's been sitting in the garage along with some composite and peg board. Mr. Rosemary Lane cut the composite board down to make the frame.

(Cute knees Mr. RL!)

 The fabric I purchased last year to cover my kitchen chairs...then I decided on another print so into storage the fabric went.
First I cut the fabric to fit the cork board. The existing frame around the board couldn't be removed so I had to be pretty exact with my cutting. I used the frame as my guide by keeping my scissors against the frame as I cut. I also ironed the creases out of the fabric so it is as smooth as possible to work with. Then using some wood glue and a staple gun, I applied the fabric to the board. I made sure to pull the fabric tight as I stapled and then brushed on the glue. I retrospect it would probably been easier to use spray adhesive, but remember, I was using supplies I already had in the house, and wood glue is what I happen to have.

After Mr. Rosemary Lane cut the composite board to create the new frame, I painted both the frame boards and the peg board with paint I had in the garage. The frame is painted in a white semi-gloss and the peg board in Krylon's glossy yellow color Bright Idea spray paint. The one thing I did find out about painting peg board is that you do need to spray on several coats. Thankfully I had 3 cans on hand, I used about one and a half cans to completely cover my peg board.

Once the paint was dry, Mr. Rosemary Lane used more wood glue and a few clamps to attach the peg board to the top and sides of the new frame. He also attached the new frame to the old frame of the cork board using more glue. Towels were used to protect the frame from the clamps, but although the paint was dry to the touch it wasn't dried completely. We let the glue dry overnight and removed the clamps the next day only to find that the towels had partially adhered to the paint on the frame. I had to lightly sand the particle board and repaint those spots.

Finally the whole frame was secured with a few nails and then trimmed out with some leftover trim from our bead board backsplash project. Click here to see our bead board project.
Again here's Pottery Barn fabric covered framed pin board measuring 2 ft by 3 ft.

Their pin board cost $169.00

The pin board we created is pretty big measuring 3ft. by 4ft.

Our homemade peg and pin board cost $0.00.

This project was a little bit of work but totally worth it. Mr. Rosemary Lane and myself really enjoyed collaborating with one another to create this new pin board for the kitchen. I think it came out pretty nice and I love the idea of having the peg board as part of the piece. We plan to hang a few clipboards from the pegs to help organize incoming and outgoing paperwork for each child.

Hopefully we will be far more organized going into this school year than we were last year, and I think this board is going to be a huge factor in helping us achieve just that!

Are you ready for this school year??

I hope so and in the meantime have a great day!!
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  1. Hi Barbara: That is a great peg board and you will feel so much more efficient because of it. I clicked over to your beadboard post because I must have missed that. Only took Mr. RL 2 hours to do all that? Wow, I am impressed and with those knees too! Everything looks really good..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Girl, you have beat Pottery Barn hands down...love the yellow peg board.


  3. Wow girl! great project! I am sure that you will get miles of use out of this peg board! Much better than the one from Pottery Barn!
    dee dee

  4. So cute! Pottery Barn is overrated, especially with creative people like you! Stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday.

  5. Hi Barbara, what a great way to stay organized for the school year. Love the fun color combination. I bet the kids think it's pretty neat. I only buy from PB clearance. They are just so overpriced. However, I have gotten some great clearance items. Laughed at you mentioning hubbies cute knees. Isn't it great to have men that will help you create? Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  6. Thank you for posting this idea! We had old shelving units in our laundry room that had peg board as the doors. We took down the shelves and the three peg boards. We threw out two peg boards but still have one that was meant to go to the curb for a few weeks. Obviously I needed to keep it for a reason, then I stumbled upon this! Off to make my new peg board!

  7. Hi, Barbara. This is Cindy from The Pink Door in Glenside. You had stopped in the store a few months ago and we talked about painted furniture and you were telling me about chalk paint. I want to thank you -it really has made my life easier. stop in again soon! Thanks again!! I love your blog, btw!

  8. I like yours better. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope you're having a great weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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