August 7, 2012

The Burlap Craze...

Found this in the liquor store.
Has the craze gone too far?


  1. I actually only have burlap wrapped around a set of 3 mason jars, and I placed it around my mantle last year for Christmas. I kinda' thought that I wasn't being creative enough, compared to how much of it I've seen out in blogland over the past year. Kinda' thought I was being left behind? Maybe...maybe not? Interesting question.

  2. Don't know. Your bottle sure looks nice. I did a few burlap projects and then I had no more burlap. It was over for me right then and there!

  3. I just don't get the burlap craze. Burlap is not pretty, it smells weird, feels rough and frays like mad. Overall I find it unappealing. Unless you are making a gift for someone who literally lives in a barn or some similar rural setting, I would avoid it. Nothing in my house needs to look rustic enough to have been made from an old sack. Enough burlap already.


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