To Catch the Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy
Last evening Michael came home from Boy Scouts all excited because he had lost yet another tooth! The baby tooth was wrapped up in a little plastic baggy all ready for the Tooth Fairy to take. As my husband was putting Michael to bed Michael whispered to him that he “Wanted to catch the Tooth Fairy”. Well Mr. Rosemary Lane didn't think too much of the statement so he gave Michael a kiss after he read his nightly story, tucked him in and shut off the light.

Later on as my hubby was on his way to bed, he stopped by Michael’s room to check on the tooth. Here is where the Tooth Fairy may have encountered a wee bit of a problem. You see Michael had a flipping ”Death Grip” on the dang tooth so, there was no way the Tooth Fairy could have ever removed it from his clutched hand. Michael was determined to catch her…but I think she is way too smart to be caught!

So tonight Michael went to bed again with his lost tooth…I’m just hoping that the little fairy can complete her mission as planned. I would really hate for Michael to nab her in the act of replacing the tooth with a monetary exchange.

Childhood today is already way too short!!!

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  1. with our last child the tooth fairy seemed to forget every single time! finally the child would remind us about the tooth fairy.

  2. Hope the tooth fairy worked her magic tonight.

    You are so right childhood does seem to be shorter now.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. So funny. The things we do... well the tooth fairy that is... Thanks for sharing, Cheers SpecialK XoXo.

  4. I tend to be rather forgetful at times. I have three teen daughter and a little one. When the little one started losing teeth, the older ones saw me hurry in a few mornings to do the tooth fairy exchange because the tooth fairy had forgotten her duty. The next time my youngest lost a tooth, the two older ones each, independently decided to take care of it for me. By the time I finally remembered, there was a lot of change filling the box- she'd had 3 fairies visit!


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